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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Fairy Tale Life

Continuing with my theme on marriage I am taking the opportunity to assess my story characters views on marriage and love.
I will begin with As Snow Falls as it was the first published. In this story the main character first encounters love from that of her family including her sister and parents. When she enters school that love reaches outwards towards her two best friends, Sarah and Sammy. It is a tragedy that spurs her first puppy love with a boy, Cobie. She does everything in her power to gain control of his attention which he sheepishly denies her for months. When she finally gets his attention she runs from it because he has proven too fickle. Soon after she meets a young man, Nathan, he is attractive, strong and her rock through high school. Having him helps her to quell her teenage hormonal emotional side bringing out the logic that resides inside her. She even imagines one day they will get married and live the perfect American dream life together. Powers beyond their control separate them and her outlook on life takes a severe downward curve as she sublimely moves through life. To her love has become evil, and she vows to never fall in love again but life surprises her and after years of taking up space and oxygen whilst moving through life as an inactive participant she falls in love. It isn't a new love but a love that was meant to be and has been with her for many years. They marry and create a beautiful life together and have a son, Reese. Through this marriage she realizes what love is truly about. It her lost love, a ghost presence that resides inside her heart guiding her life path.
In essence she is a romantic of sorts and believes wholeheartedly in true love and a happy fairy tale marriage.
In November for the first time I participated in NaNoWriMo and created a story called Eye Of The Storm in this book there are two women who share the stage as protagonists. Sunshine is a sweet and very cheery young woman who believes  deeply in love and marriage although not in the sense of destiny but in a "good logical choice". Her and boyfriend, Jerry, are old fashioned and too perfect for reality. They believe in waiting until marriage to live together and have sexual relations. Throughout the story she changes immensely and becomes someone else, and even succumbs to her feelings for another young man. This is where the story gets sticky and Eilida becomes more a part of the picture. She fears solid relationships and love; refusing her current relationship she is always running away from him, Jay. It is an inward sense and repressed memories which she is unable to touch that guides her fear of sexual relationships
Sunshine is the perfect optimist who believes in marriage as a logical choice. Eilida is a pessimist who has been thwarted by love and has no use for marriage.
Cleo in my new Baby Girl series grows up in a home with little love and attention, eventually leading to abandonment. She is forced to go it alone and runaway in order to survive. She meets other kids like herself and she begins to understand what love is about, a makeshift family is formed. She at the ripe age of approximately thirteen falls for a young man, Einstein, and they create what is to her a "beautiful normal life" until a catastrophe takes away the one true love and family she's ever known. In the upcoming segments the reader will watch her go from naive victim to in charge of her destiny. In Book 2 the secrets of her mother's disappearance rear their ugly head shortly after she meets a wealthy and extremely attractive young man, Didier. She forms a union with him that is possibly more survival based than true love.  As a whole Cleo is more like me than any character I've ever created. She is crafty, intelligent and resourceful but young and not immune from teenage paranoia and hormones.
Cleo believes romance is overrated and she has no time in her life to indulge in such actions as family ghosts and secrets force themselves on her whether she is seeking answers or not. She needs to discover who she really is before she can carry on a healthy future with any man. I won't say that love and marriage is not in her future...

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