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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Transplant- Modern Day Frankenstein

Being a freelance book reviewer/ blogger has its benefits. Recently, I was given the opportunity to read a novel not yet released, a feeling equivalent to opening Christmas presents early. Transplant is now available!

Transplant by John Reinhard Dizon is a shocker from the get go as the story opens with a grotesque scene in Harlem. Victims are found alive, permanently mutilated, their limbs severed and replaced with mechanical robotic extensions. Four doctors are found within the structure in a safe house claiming innocence and pointing their fingers at an elusive Dr. Cyclops.

John Reinhard Dizon has once again created a riveting, fast paced novel with intense characters and plot, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat begging for more. As two police officers attempt to piece together the nightmare that took place the reader gets a look inside each character's mind, revealing another piece to the puzzle, and giving depth and quality to each persona. The plot twists and turns as each piece of the jigsaw is unveiled. Through dialogue and compelling narration Transplant is an intense, engrossing novel.

Transplant is reminiscent of a modern day Frankenstein; experimental medicine gone horribly wrong, creating monsters. With scientific developments as they are today, and questionable ethics the novel is entirely believable, and made of our nightmares.

For the horror, suspense enthusiast Transplant is a must read!

Where to find Transplant in May, and John's many other novels.

Where to find John

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