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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In the Light of the Moon, A.L. Kessler

Today's review is one of my favorite genre's, vampires, werewolves, panthers and other supernatural creatures abound to make an intriguing read in this series. Now that I have read book 1 in the Dark War Chronicles I am antsy to read book 2!


In the Light of the Moon (book 1 in the Dark War Chronicles) by A.L. Kessler has a unique twist on the supernatural. I found nothing “typical” about it, which drew me in as a reader. The protagonist Kass isn’t a normal human, she shifts form into a panther and a strong one at that. Lucius a formidable vampire rescued from her own family as they wanted her dead. Lucius uses her for his own means controlling her ability to shift and only allows it when he wants her to kill another supernatural. She meets a sizzling hot male panther Jax and their inside cats are drawn towards each other. Lucius has other ideas and does his best to keep Jax and Kass estranged but that can’t last forever as the war between supernaturals pushes forward and Jax and Kass attraction towards each other heats up.

Kessler does a phenomenal job using excellent pacing, deep character development and descriptions that will knock the socks off any reader. The novel started to intrigue instantly hooking me into reading. The subsequent flow made this an impossible book to put down. Her words oozed like honey to my mind forcing me to continue. Plot, subplots, romance, and action fill each page. Each character has a personality all their own, some lovable and some very hateable, working together to make this a book you won’t want to pass up reading.

In the Light of the Moon is a rare treat. On to book 2!

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