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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Keep Smiling

This is truly a miscellaneous post. I have so much to say and share as the past week has been a busy one.

Where do I begin. I'll start with Saturday night. My boyfriend and I were driving home from a friends in my truck. The road was dark and I managed to run over a a tree stump. No further details on that. The tree stump busted a huge hole in my front driver's side tire. As luck would have it a gas station was across the street so I pulled in. My boyfriend got out to change the tire but was having a lot of difficulty (I wish I had videoed it). He tried for several minutes to jack up the tire but it barely moved. He had the jack in the right spot it just wasn't cooperating. Then I mentioned, "You still need to get the spare out from under the truck." He tried that as well and couldn't get it out. Within the 30 minutes or so that passed as he attempted to change my tire I asked 2-3 times, "Would you like me to call someone to change it?" meaning like a tow truck. He response, "No, I got it." The usual male response I expected nothing else but was absolutely willing to call and pay someone to change it. Luck struck us again and a man in a large white truck pulled up and offered to help. He had the spare out from under the truck and changed in about 5 minutes. I tell this story not to make fun of my boyfriend; he is the best in many ways. He'd never changed a truck tire, now he has. I tell the story because of the generous heart of the man in the white truck or maybe he just couldn't stand watching my boyfriend struggle so offered help. Either way he helped and it was a generous, kind act.

Now I want to give a huge shout out to all my fans and supporters who have helped make Baby Girl 3: City by the Bay book release last week a success. The book has gone up to #16 and down in ratings but stayed in the top 100! That's amazing. The novella also has gained 4 reviews, fabulous! Even better Books 1 and 2 have gone in and out of the top 100! 3 top selling books in a week. I have been doing the happy dance everyday. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day and keep smiling :-).

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