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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Max Stone The Bleeding

Max E Stone is a fabulous author. Recently I read The Bleeding and was completely taken in by the story. There is just enough suspense that I couldn't put the book down.

My Review

The Bleeding by Max E. Stone is a story entailing how evil begets evil in the vicious cycle of abuse. young Derek is exposed to his mother’s ruthless beatings regularly by his own father and minister David. David dies a quick but horrible death and the cycle is born.
The flow of this story introduces each character, giving only slight clues to how they all tie together. The plot was brilliant. Eventually, little by little each and every person becomes tied to one another and the secrets and blood begin to flow. Derek Warren becomes the sinister father of a legacy that preceded him and a daughter who struggles to keep her sanity; all the while lingering on the edge of reality. I found myself hooked immediately.

An amazing novel with insight that seems could only come from first hand experience. I give Max. E. Stone a thumbs up. Absolutely loved it.

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