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Monday, December 8, 2014

Randy Attwood Spill

Recently, I read another Randy Attwood book. It was quite different from his others I've read but just as well written.


My Review
Spill by Randy Attwood is a political comedy. It is far different than his other books I’ve read. I was expecting something different not to say Spill isn’t an enjoyable read because it was. In this novel  Fred comes up with a brilliant idea and gets Zoe the bartender/ single mother involved. They both run for the same political office in efforts of making money. Zoe’s son ends up designing a skateboarding game in which players work on destroying big oil.

The plot in this hilarious novel was like a tiny snowball that grew as it rolled downhill climaxing with a huge mess when the snow ball impacted against the side of a mountain blasting snow everywhere. It reminded me of the movie Fargo as most characters bungled their way through leaving a trail of laughs in their wake.
Through description, dialogue, and private thought he captured the essence of his characters and brought them to life as if I was watching them on the big screen. They stumbled through each page. A few got lucky. A few did not. The young man seemed to be the most intelligent of the bunch and used his wits and business skills to design a lasting momento.

Spill is an entertaining read. Expect giggles and laughter as you read.

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