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Monday, June 8, 2015

Authors are you feeling overwhelmed?

As an indie author promotion is a key element in getting my books noticed. The greatest book can sit on a shelf collecting dust if no one knows about it. My post today is about a promoter I met a year ago who helped give my books a kick in the butt and helped me see my first ranked sales.

It started with a huge FB event with about 20 or so authors. Our gracious host was feeling overwhelmed. Ashley stepped in and organized and pulled everything together. Our Rafflecopter had over 10,000 entrants! Blew my mind! The whole experience was mind blowing and a heck of a lot of fun. In this time we not only worked with Ashley but got to know her. She's as beautiful a person as she is a brilliant, creative promoter.

Currently she has a special promotion for June. She'll throw in a Thunderclap too!

Currently I'm working with her on a promotional blog tour. She has assisted me with starting a street team and created a wonderful game. Each member who wins gets various swag, or autographed books etc. To check out my street team or become a member of Elle's Klassy Kats click here.

She designed amazing swag items at a minimal cost. I can't wait to get the package! We talked through the entire process and she showed me the designs as she made them.

She set up my Thunderclap.

We talk on a daily basis. If I have any questions she answers them right away. My experience with Ashley - she is far more than a tour company. She is an authors best friend. The lady who can pull everything together. Promoting can be very time consuming work so much so that an author can spend more time promoting than writing. Hiring someone who knows what they are doing took a load off my shoulders. She has been a blessing.

If you're a blogger and interested in working with Ashley. Join my tour. Can't have too many fabulous bloggers!

If your an author and feeling overwhelmed. Check out Ashley's services. http://www.ashleysaddictivebookpromotions.com/services.html

Yesterday I wrote several chapters of Calm Before the Storm Evan's Sins the sequel to Eye of the Storm Eilida's Tragedy. It is an amazing feeling to write and not worry about promotion.

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