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Monday, June 8, 2015

Dyane Forde The Purple Morrow

I just finished reading The Purple Morrow. I loved the writing and the story! When I posted the review I realized the second book in the Rise of the Papilion Trilogy Wolf's Bane is already out. I'm adding it to my summer read list!

My Review:

The Purple Morrow is a remarkable story. It’s a fast paced action-packed fantasy story. The setting is centuries in the past in a land developed by varying clans.  Jeru an unusual member of the wolf clan loses his new wife to a tragic accident. He takes this burden alone and lives a solitary life. He refuses to take another wife. 
Visions of The Purple Morrow plague him. He wants to believe but has lost his faith. The bad guys in this story are the Rovers. A clan that wreak havoc and destruction on the other clans. They are feared but Jeru has a personal vendetta against them. There are plenty of twists and suspense in this story.

The author’s descriptive language gave me a great visual of the characters and the land. Her use of dialogue served to strengthen each character and steer the plot. Every word, every detail is important. Her writing is impeccable and enjoyable. The Purple Morrow is a book I lost myself inside of. As the suspense built my desire to understand more about the Purple Morrow (a butterfly and cymbal in the story) increased. Now I’m ready for book 2 in this exciting Trilogy.

An incredible ride through an amazing imagination!

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