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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Past Demons by A.L. Kessler Book Review

Past Demons is the fourth book in the Dark War Chronicles. I have to say I really love this series.

Past Demons is the fourth installment of the Dark War Chronicles. This series put A.L. Kessler on my reading radar. I adore the series. In Past Demons Tegan is kidnapped, tortured and her memories stolen all in the name of Vampire politics. It’s loaded with suspense, action, and romance. Tegan and mate Kaden the dream demon find each other in steamy situations. Then Kaden is taken, talk about suspense!

Kessler always brings her characters to life through words. Tegan is a feisty female who stands up for herself. She is a blood human –an immortal human made to feed vampires. She is caught between the paranormal war. Kaden is a demon who wants nothing more than to protect her. Lucius is the Vampire whose protection she’s lived with for centuries. I hated him in the first book but after reading all four I grew to like him. Each book is written from the different characters perspectives

If you love vampires, immortals, weres, panthers and all things paranormal romance and urban fantasy you will adore this series!


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