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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Revamped Website

I just revamped my website, yeah! It looks amazing and I've had many compliments already.

I'm proud of myself because I know little about website design and muddled through the revamp. It seriously needed it as it looked messy like a tornado blew through it. Since I originally designed it I've published several more books and needed better organization not to mention a website design that'll grow with me.

Take a peek http://elleklass.weebly.com/

I also have all my paperback books on sale this month! You can shop the website or complete this form. If completing the form a paypal invoice will be sent.

My next big project will be revamping this blog only I'm not sure yet how. I'm still thinking about it. I'm also thinking of offering free author advertising and/or services but haven't decided yet, mostly because free author advertising would be time consuming and well I don't want to promise something that ends up more work than I can manage. 

If you have input write your comments below, and have an amazing day!

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