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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wrapped in Death and Chocolate by C.S. Patra Audiobook Review

I finished another audiobook! My addiction continues.

My Review
I just finished listening to C.S. Patra’s Wrapped in Death and Chocolate. It reminded me of Nancy Drew, a good old fashioned murder/mystery. I really enjoy those types of books depending on my mood and I was in the mood.

Stacey is a college student, she and a group of other college students help run an ice cream shop and on the side they solve crimes. In this case, a body was found in a chocolate vat at a plant. Each clue they stumbled across led them to a new lead until they finally solved the crime.

The narrator Abbi Fox uses a clear voice. At first I wasn’t sure her voice fit the story but after a couple chapters I warmed to it and found I really enjoyed her voice.

This is the type of story that’s great for all ages. There’s no gore or explicit scenes.


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