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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Zombie Girl by Elle Klass

I went a little crazy with making teasers for my short Zombie Girl, only found in the Once Upon a Zombietale Anthology brought to you by C.M. Wright's Author Services.

Zombie Girl is my twisted Zombie version of Momotaro.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Alize in Wonderland by Steven Moynier

Who isn't familiar with Alice in Wonderland? This rendition by Steven Moynier is Alize in Wonderland. A land with zombies? The anthology brought to you by C.M. Wright's Author Services.

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At this point I've introduced 8 of the stories in the Once Upon a Zombietale Anthology. Tomorrow I will introduce my own contribution.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Ice Queen by E.C.Moynier

The Ice Queen by E.C. Moynier is her debut story and it's featured in the Once Upon a Zombietale Anthology by C.M. Wright's Author Services.

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I think this is my favorite anthology cover. The ice castle and dripping blood catches my attention. And the ugly zombie below. It along with all the other covers and teasers were made by C.M. Wright's Author Services. The entire book, each story submission, editing, formatting was done by C.M. Wright's Author Services!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Interview with Award Winning Author Ben Burgess Jr.

It's quite an honor to have such an esteemed author do an interview on The Troubled Oyster. Ben Burgess Jr. is a three time Reader's Favorite International Award Winning Author! 

Tell a little about yourself. 
I’m a father, husband, NYPD Detective, Author, and personal trainer. I’m a person who wants to leave a lasting, positive difference in the world.

What can you tell us about your books?
I put my heart and soul in every book. I believe art imitates life, so when fans read my books, I want to challenge them with stories that will make them think. With all of my books, my goal is to stir the readers emotions. 

What genre do you write and why?
I write African American Fiction/Urban Fiction and Contemporary Romance. I write in those genres because I feel they’re broad enough for me to write realistic stories. I try to write novels where a majority of people can relate to the situations and characters.

If a fiction writer, is any part of your book based on events in your life?
All of my books have a part of me in them. “Monster” was semi-fictional. 90% of it was true, with a lot of characters, situations, and names were changed around to protect the actual people they were based on. A part of the character design for “Samantha” in my novel “Wounded” was based on a family member of mine as well as numerous women I’ve met in life. In “Love and Happiness”, both Chris and Karen have parts of me in their character design. After interviewing a lot of women to get the “voice” down for Karen, I feel she has such a diverse personality because she was based on lots of women. I feel when an author puts parts of his soul in his work, the readers can feel the emotion in the book and it makes it easier to connect.

What was the greatest challenge you faced with publishing your
One of the most significant challenges I’m facing now is convincing readers that not all African American Fiction/Urban fiction book are about drug, baby mama drama, gangs, or crime. I feel that sometime African America fiction is viewed as the “reality tv show.” of literature when many stories within the genre are deeper than that. Sometimes its very hard for me to find reviewers and bloggers to give my novels a chance because of the stigma that comes with the genre. While it can be frustrating, I know the best way to change people is by doing it one at a time. I try to alter the opinions of every reviewer I meet with my work.

You are a three time Reader’s Favorite International Award Winner. Tell us a little about that and will you be going for a fourth this year? 

I’m a big believer and fan of Reader’s Favorite. They were the first book award competition that I won. Even though my first novel “Monster” was received well by readers, I wasn’t completly confident in my skill as a writer. Winning that competiton helped me to not only gain recognition, but it also gave me the confidence to continue to write. I’ve been blessed to win the competition for three straight years, and I cherish it every time I win. I’m hoping to go for a fouth this year when I enter my next novel “Daddy’s girl.” 
Do you have an interesting writing quirk?
I’m very weird when it comes to writing. I don’t follow an outline, everything is mapped out in my head. I constantly rewrite and edit while I’m writing, which is considered a big writers no-no. I have a weird Quentin Tarrintino approach to writing my books. I write the parts as they come to me. It could be the middle of the book, the end of the book, it doesn’t matter. As I write more of the book, I make evolve to fit together with the parts that I’ve previously written.
Do you have a favorite author or book?
My favorite author is Eric Jerome Dickey. His books as well as Richard Wright’s Native son, are the reasons why I am an author today. I’ve been blessed with speaking to Eric Jerome Dickey personally and he has been a good mentor to me. I was honored when my favorite author was one of the first people to support first novel “Monster,”

Describe yourself in three words.
Persistent. Assiduous, Giving

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Love and Happiness

A Zombie Story by Jessica Bowman

Another pulse pounding zombified fairytale from the Once Upon a Zombietale Anthology is Jessica Bowman's A Zombie Story: A Twisted Cinderella Story. 

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This is Jessica's Debut Story.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Goldenlocks and the Three Zombies by C.M. Wright

An anthology made by C.M. Wright's Author Services isn't complete without a story by the Zombie Queen and CEO C.M. Wright.

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If you've seen every episode of The Walking Dead and watched Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later or Resident Evil so many times you have memorized every line then you need this anthology!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tome Tender: Wounded by Ben Burgess Jr.

Tome Tender: Wounded by Ben Burgess Jr.: Wounded by Ben Burgess Jr. My rating: 5 stars Publication Date: April 17, 2014 Publisher: Ben Burgess Jr. Genre: Dark Eroti...

The Zombie Tale of Beauty and the Beast by S.L. Bull

The Once Upon a Zombietale Anthology is a collection of nine twisted fairy tales from nine different authors. Today I bring you Beauty and the Beast Zombie Style by S.L. Bull.

Agda watched in horror as Radley was slashed and bitten. One beast clawed at his heart and feasted on it s if he were in ecstasy. Agda pushed aside the shock and began to run. Unbeknownst to Agda, Tabor had taken off at the sight of Radley being eaten by the beasts and left Agda to her own fate like the selfish coward he was.
Agda ran through trees and snow, looking and screaming for help. She had no clue where she was and the only thought she had was to survive.
What Agda also was unaware of was that Prince Clotho was hunting nearby that night. He was hunting the beasts and slaying them, in hopes that if they all died the curse would end. He happened to hear Agda's faint screams and ran to her aid.
Clotho ran toward her as she unknowingly ran toward him. He saw the beast chasing her and, while he had become accustomed to being alone, he knew the beasts must be killed, so he helped her.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wendi Starusnak and Greta and Hanz from Once Upon a Zombietale

A story and author from Once Upon a Zombietale Anthology.

 "I make the mistake of looking back up the stairs at the wicked woman who somehow managed to steal our dad’s heart before rushing out the front door.  What I see will forever haunt me.  Our father’s blood and flesh are still covering her face.

Ignoring the urge to vomit whatever may be left in my stomach from lunch, I run with my brother as fast as my legs will carry me.  We are running for our lives.  Somehow we both know this."
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Wendi Starusnak is the author of the thriller/suspense young adult Fleischer Series. She is also part of C.M. Wright's Author Services.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Once Upon a Zombietale Anthology

C.M. Wright's Author Services brings you a zombie filled anthology. This book is wholly brought to you by C.M. Wright's Author Service from the cover design and editing to the authors of each story. 

This anthology is a cluster of various classic children's fairytales with a zombie twist. 
These new tales are sure to give you the brain-eating, heart-thumping excitement you were looking for. 
After all, who can resist a zombietale?


Trailer also made by C.M. Wright's Author Services!

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Over the next couple weeks I'll be bringing you excerpts from the authors including mine.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Award Winning Author Ben Burgess Jr.

Ben Burgess Jr. is one amazing and accomplished author. He is a three time Reader's Favorite International Award Winning Author.

Meet Ben
Ben Burgess Jr is the author of the award-winning novels "Monster", "Wounded", the poetry book "Times Have Changed and Life is Strange" and the new novel "Love and Happiness" He is an active performer of spoken word poetry. Ben Burgess Jr uses his love of writing to inspire and influence youths to strive for what they believe in, and to never give up on their dreams. His poetry book "Times Have Changed and Life is Strange" and his novel "Monster" are currently used in schools on the lower east side of Manhattan. Ben Burgess has a BA degree in Business Management and an MA degree in Educational Leadership. He is the proud father of his daughter Jaelynn and is active in trying to improve urban neighborhoods and communities.

His books


Are you ready to taste what the fuss is about? Read the excerpt below:
Chris and I were driving to the Roosevelt Field mall to get outfits for my company’s Christmas party. As usual, he criticized everything I did.
          “Jesus, babe. Can you speed the fuck up? You drive too damn slow.”
          “I didn’t know we were in a rush to get to the mall,” I said snidely.
          “We’re not, but I’d like to get there sometime today.”
          “Next time, you fucking drive then. Better yet, we can take separate cars, so I don’t have to hear you complain.”
          “Damn. You’re extra bitchy today. Is it that time of the month?”
          “Chris…oooh, I can’t deal with you right now.”
          We parked, walked through the mall and roamed around Express looking for outfits. I was really feeling the dress I tried on until Chris looked at me and scrunched up his face.
          “What?” I asked, feeling self-conscious.
          “You like that one, huh?”
          I rolled my eyes and sighed.
          “What’s wrong with it?”
          “It’s not bad, but it’s not the most flattering on you.”
          “What’s that supposed to mean?”
          “I’m just saying, it’s a little clingy, and it makes you look chunky.”
          Tears welled up in my eyes. I was coming apart at the seams, but I’d be damned if I’d cry here and embarrass myself in public. I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand, went into the dressing room, took off the dress, and slammed it back on the rack.
          “Are you happy now?” I asked him.
          “Stop being so sensitive.”
          “Stop being such an asshole, you insensitive prick. You know I’ve been dieting. I’ve actually lost fifteen pounds.”
          “I know, and that’s good, but you still have a little ways to go, and that outfit wasn’t your best, that’s all I’m saying. I’m not trying to be a dick about it.”
          “It’s too late for that.”
          Chris threw up his hands and walked away.
          We went from store to store; Chris thought he was being discreet when he checked out other women, but I noticed. It made me feel insecure when I saw him staring at women who looked like the size I used to be when I first met him.
          An hour later we went home and got ready for the party. I put on a dress that I knew he liked, and then fixed my hair in the bathroom mirror. Chris sprayed on his Polo sport cologne and shook his head as he passed me.
          “What is it now, Chris?”
          “If you’re going to give me a fucked up attitude, don’t worry about it.”
          “Say what you want to say.”
          “Your hair looks better when you wear it up with that dress.”
          Out of frustration, I styled my hair the way he wanted it. I felt like I was always doing things the way he wanted them. It seemed like he didn’t like me anymore and nothing I did was good enough for him.
          I stood in the doorway of our bedroom while he fixed his tie in the mirror.
          “You never acknowledge any of the positive things I do or qualities I have. You’re always quick to comment on my flaws. You don’t appreciate what I sacrifice to make you happy,” I said.
          “Look, drop this drama queen shit. I’m not fighting with you before we go to this party. I didn’t mean anything bad by it, all right?”
          I put the argument on hold for the time being. In his mind, I know that was his way of saying he was sorry, but that wasn’t an apology to me.
          We drove the entire thirty-minute ride to the party in silence. The radio was off, and we were both lost in our thoughts. Once we got there, we went through the motions and acted like the perfect happy couple, but I was hurting inside.
          When we got home, I decided to put all our bickering aside and make love to my husband. While Chris pleased me sexually, our busy work schedules had reduced our lovemaking to mundane quickies. I knew if I was bored, he must be too.
          To spice things up, I’d read magazines, watched porn, and gathered tips from my friends. He loves lacy lingerie, so I wore my black bustier, black French cut panties, and fishnet stockings. I lit scented candles and put on soft jazz to set the ambiance in the bedroom. Chris walked in.
          “Damn!” he said.
          He tugged on my lingerie to take it off. I couldn’t hide my smile. His hands hungrily roamed my body.
          “Easy, baby. Enjoy what you’re looking at.”
          I felt self-conscious as he groped me because his earlier comment about me looking chunky, kept replaying in my mind.
          We made love. I used a lot of the new ideas I learned to spice things up, but he didn’t seem to notice. Chris always has the decency to make sure I cum, but again we ended up having another quickie because he had to wake up early the next morning. He rolled over on his side and went to sleep almost immediately after. I frowned, shook my head and stared at the ceiling. Was it me? Is this how marriage was supposed to be? Had we both gotten too comfortable?
          I decided I’d start going to the gym and get a personal trainer. I hoped working with a trainer would change me enough that even Chris would have to say something positive about it. I didn’t imagine how much it would change me.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Shakuita Johnson and Dark Indiscretions Series

If your looking for your next great fantasy series to read, look no further than Shakuita Johnson's Dark Discretions Series!

 Dark Indiscretions
*Adult content not intended for anyone under 18. 

What happens when your whole family is scarier than any nightmare and you have no desire to be anything like them? Do you stay and go along with the family plans or do you rebel and have them possibly turn their viciousness on you? 

Jennifer Johnston experiences first hand why whispers are spoken in the dark about her species being evil when she was just a century old. What should have been another family dinner spent arguing over why she didn’t want to keep the bloodlines “pure” by being married off to her older brother turned into a nightmare and left her with more than tortured memories. 

Jackson Dawls and Taylor Durham had been pack mates, best friends, and the other’s mate for as long as they could remember. They were a deadly species all their own but even they feared the Mystics and their overly cruel and barbaric ways, but unforeseen circumstances bring them face to face with not one but a few. Will there lives be in danger or is something great and unexpected awaiting them? 

They also have to stay under the radar of the human society that is set out to destroy those they believe to be “Tarnished” and a danger to mankind. 

When the three meet long ago secrets are brought to the light. Secrets no one but Jennifer knew. Not only do they have to learn to get along with each other because they are fated, someone is also stalking Jennifer and preforming sinister acts without her being any the wiser. 

Jennifer must seek guidance from old acquaintances and form alliances with those she never thought she would. She is met with riddles and startling revelations that she never would have imagined possible. 

Will they accept their fates and work together or will old fears destroy their lives? Will Jennifer be able to reclaim what was taken from her right from under her nose?
 This book is FREE!
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Monster Unleashed
*Adult content not intended for anyone under 18. M/M and M/F/M

What would you do if the one fate chose for you vanished into thin air? What would you give up? Who would you become to stay with that person? Krista Bell finally knows what it's like to be free. The torture she endured at the hands of her psychotic father has unleashed the monster her mother tried so hard to help her suppress. The only thing she wants to do is be the shadow in the night that everyone is afraid of. 

Taser is barely holding it together. He lost Kris once to her father and now he's losing her to the monster she is becoming. He's also barely containing his own monster since Krista decided she didn't need her mates anymore. Nathan is still near but he may not be enough. 

Nathan is on the verge of losing not one but both of his mates. One vanished without a trace. The other is avoiding him. He has run out of patience with them both. 

But when the monster that Krista has become comes to them with a proposal, will they take her up on it and possibly lose themselves or will they try to talk her down and get the beast to put back on her chain?

Amazon UK
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A Prequel (Dark Indiscretions Series Book 0.5) 

*Adult content not intended for anyone under 18. M/M scenes 
**NOTE: Strongly suggests reading Dark Indiscretions before A
Prequel...The epilogue in A Prequel has a small spoiler in it** 

"A friendship forged out of necessity 

A bond broken and turned into hatred 

One once looked at as a brother 

The other loved to much and too soon" 

James Johnston and Kain O'Grady once had a bond like no other ever seen before. Not only were they brothers of the heart, they were also lovers. 

Centuries they spent at each other's side. Through good times and through bad, but never did their relationship suffer until one pregnancy and one prophecy changes their lives forever. 

Betrayal is seen at every corner and madness close behind. A Prequel - Kindle Unlimited

Amazon UK
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Seer Destined
Three destinies entwined since the beginning of time… 

James Johnston, ruthless, evil, Mystic, is not looking for love. In fact, the only things keeping him going are revenge, obsession, and
an ancient Prophecy. He’s back from the Hell his niece sent him to for the second time and is ready to make her immortal life miserable. He also has a daughter to mold and an ancient Prophecy to fulfill. He wants everything to burn and die around him. He feels no love, no loyalty—only rage. Yet, one action sprouts several reactions and before long, he may lose complete control over his own fate. But not to worry, he has a plan… 

Alexander Carvanis, Mooyer. Legacy. After his occult upbringing, he only knows one thing: kill anything that has been labeled "Tarnished" by the Mooyer Society, led by his father. He is obsessed with one thought in his mind and it isn’t his own. The only things he’s ever known are what his father told him. He’s followed for years without question and it all comes tumbling down because of his blind obsession to bring down the one he never trusted. Five forbidden journals later and his whole life has changed. Now, the very person he set out to ruin is the only person he can trust not to kill him on sight… 

Isobelle Mina, freak, or so she always thought. But there is more to her—so much more than she had ever dreamed possible. Secrets, lies, and betrayal threaten to push her over the edge. A destiny she isn't sure she wants and two men who are fated to be hers, if only they can see past their hatred… 

Will these three overcome a vendetta thousands of years in the making, or will the wounds be too old to heal? 


(Dark Indiscretions Series Book 3.5) 

What would you do for love? Would you sit by and let it pass you by, or would you grab onto it no matter the cost? Would you break the rules and leave everyone else behind so guarantee your own

Sy Cole wants what all sixteen-year-old girls in her coven want. To master one of the four elements, move out of her parents' home, and into her new one with her chosen husband. It seemed all that was within her grasp, when it was brutally snatched away. 

Instead of sitting by and letting her life be dictated, she acted. When faced with having to choose family over love, she chose love. She took control of her life and went on a journey that would turn all she knew and was always told upside down. 

On the run and looking over her shoulder Sy, along with her love Jamie, look for the only people she believes can help them now…her brothers. 

Join Sy as she undergoes the ceremony that changes her life forever. Whether it's for good or bad is still to be determined.

B & N

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tutankhamen Speaks by Cheryl Carpinello Book Blast

TITLE – Tutankhamen Speaks
SERIES – The Quest Books Companion to Sons of the Sphinx
AUTHOR – Cheryl Carpinello
GENRE – Historical Fiction Ancient Civilizations
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 80 pages
PUBLISHER – Beyond Today Educator
COVER ARTIST – Rita Toews - http://www.yourebookcover.com
NOTE - If this book is part of a series please advise if the book(s) must be read in order or if the book(s) can be read as a standalone.

2014 EVVY Merit Award for Historical Fiction from CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Assoc.)

Long ago the old texts of ancient Egypt alluded to scrolls in which King Tut spoke to the people from beyond the tomb. Many archeologists put this down to an incorrect translation of the ancient Egyptian texts. Others swore to the accuracy of the translation. None of that mattered because the scrolls in question could not be found. Scholars labeled it a hoax, something that never existed. It was ludicrous to imagine someone speaking from the grave. They were wrong on both accounts.

AMAZON PAPERBACK – http://www.amazon.com/Tutankhamen-Speaks-Quest-Books-Companion/dp/149615536X


#1--from his childhood:
Sailing toy boats
When I was small, palace carpenters made me toy boats. Sometimes these were made to resemble the barges that would carry crops and animals down and up the Nile from one settlement to another. Some were fully outfitted royal barges complete with sails and the poles used when the barge was moving up river. I started playing with these in the palace pools. Later, as I got better at loading them and maneuvering them, I would find a place near the palace where the Nile ran slower. There I would dig out canals for the boats to float in. Sometimes Ankhesenpaaten would help me. One time we had so many canals built that it took all afternoon for our crop barges and the royal barges to enter into the canal system and then sail through and re-enter the Nile. I loved those days with Ankhesenpaaten by the Nile.
#2—from his childhood

My Grandmother

My nursemaid was Maya, but it was my Grandmother Tiye that I remember the most. She doted on me when she visited and showered me with motherly love. She appointed herself and her brother Ay as my protectors, but Grandmother was away a lot. After my father became Pharaoh, she continued to oversee the military as she did for my grandfather Amenhotep III. When I was small, she cut off a lock of her reddish-gold hair and concealed it inside of four small nesting sarcophagus coffins.
“Tutankhaten,” she said. “In the innermost sarcophagus I have placed a lock of my hair which rests underneath a solid gold statue of you. Keep the coffins safe and hidden in your room. They will protect you when I am unable to.”
I thanked her and prized such a gift, not only for protection, but because my grandmother’s gift was wonderfully made. The outer sarcophagus was made of wood; the second of plaster covered with gold leaf; the third of wood which contained the solid gold statue of myself; the fourth again of plaster covered with gold leaf and containing my grandmother’s gift.

I am a retired high school English teacher. A devourer of books growing up, my profession introduced me to writings and authors from times long past. Through my studies and teaching, I fell in love with the Ancient and Medieval Worlds. Now, I hope to inspire young readers and those young-at-heart to read more through my Quest Books set in these worlds.

Also please visit my other sites: Carpinello’s Writing Pages where I interview Childrens/Tween/MG/YA authors; and The Quest Books where I’ve teamed up with Fiona Ingram from South Africa and Wendy Leighton-Porter of Abu Dhabi to enable readers to find our Ancient and Medieval quest books in one place.

AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE – http://www.amazon.com/Cheryl-Carpinello/e/B002GGGZY6
WEBSITE –Main – http://www.beyondtodayeducator.com
WEBSITE –Shared – http://www.adventurequestbooks.com