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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cindy J. Smith Poet Extraordinaire

Voices In My Head
Voices In My Head: A collection of poems written throughout my life. Topics include, nature, fantasy, Love, loss, and sarcasm. Some were written for specific people, others just observations. Amazon

Cindy_VimH bothcovers
They Won't Shut Up:
In this second book of poetry, Cindy's voices continue their relentless sharing of their opinions. Touching on many of the emotions and life situations humans encounter, they offer their viewpoint in the hopes of finding the path to peace. At the end of the book, Cindy has shared a small section spotlighting the works of her angel daughter, to whom this book is lovingly dedicated for her Birthday.

   songs of life

Rhymes Through Time:
SEX, VIOLENCE, BLOOD AND GORE!!! VAMPIRES, ZOMBIES, GHOSTS AND MORE!!! This third book by Cindy does not contain any of those. What you will find are moments captured, fleeting and elusive, a dance, an intricate weave, rhymed through the sands of time.



About the Author:
I lived in Avon, NY until I was in college. My family moved to FL and I moved around the eastern US for about 10 years until settling in IN with my husband 17 years ago. We are truck drivers and have seen most of the continental US through work. I have 5 sisters and no brothers. We had one daughter, Jasmine, who passed away and have one granddaughter, Valerie who is now 7. I have written poetry most of my life. I have held many jobs, was a Math Major in college and am a Certified Electronic Technician. I enjoy reading, cooking, taking pictures, and writing. Goodreads: http://tinyurl.com/cc65z86 Twitter: @cindysvoices


  1. Cindy i am so proud of u and honored to say u r my friend. Congrats on ur new book

  2. Cindy i am so proud of u and honored to say u r my friend. Congrats on ur new book