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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Let There Be Dragons by Kim Cormack Book Review

I think this one as better than the last!

Before I give you my full review I encourage you to read my others for all the books in this series.
Sweet Sleep Book 1
Enlightenment Book 2
Wild Thing - Spinoff, can be read alone

My Review:
Let There Be Dragons is the third installment of The Children of the Ankh series. I have read each book, including Wild Thing. And in Kim Cormack style this books is just as exciting!

Kayn made it through testing and now she’s figuring out her new abilities and what it is to be a dragon. Lucky for her she has Lexy as a mentor? Yup! None other than Lexy to show her the ropes and help her control her dragon. Kayn’s ability besides the need to squash creeps is a mystery to the group. They’ve never had anyone with her ability in the group and are perplexed at how she can use it. No guidance there. She learns as she goes.

Each character grows and develops more with every book. And the story in non stop action and intrigue. I laughed hysterically at parts like Kayn’s new found liking for hot sauce on everything she eats and found myself on the edge of my seat during other parts that I won’t mention. I never give a spoiler.

This series never disappoints.

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