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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Resistant by Jennifer Reynolds Audiobook Review

A zombie story with a romantic twist.


I enjoyed listening to this story. Jennifer Reynolds builds character using the feelings and inner workings of the human mind. She interprets actions with what a character is feeling. Not many authors do that and she does it well.

The story takes place over a number of years. In the beginning people are aware that a zombie apocalypse could be somewhere in the futures horizon. Some people take this more seriously than others. Either way when it happens some precautions have been put into place. It turns out there is a small population who are resistant to the virus. No one really knows how the virus started but they have ideas that somehow the military is involved.

Sahara, the leading lady is an ordinary school teacher who lives a simple solitude life. Which becomes even more lonely after the virus spreads and she is barricaded inside her house alone. It isn't until a group of survivors come beating on her door that she realizes how lonely she's been.

Without giving away more of the story I recommend this book completely. It's entertaining, fun and a bit realistic.

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