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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Dinosaur Four by Geoff Jones Audiobook Review

A splendid science fiction novel.

My Review:
The Dinosaur Four is a clever science fiction novel. A small diner is sent into the past with a few patrons inside. The authors detail into the Cretaceous period is what really made the novel for me. He used fine details whether true or not made me believe the story and the animals of the time. Although, I think he knows his stuff. For me believable and probable are what makes a good sci-fi. I have a science background and know enough not to be fooled by knock-off sci-fi. This was the real thing.

He also designed great characters that were individual. I found myself laughing even though the scene was gory because of the characters and their thoughts. Lots of backstabbing going on. Nick Podehl helped to bring out the personalities at the same time has a fab narrator voice.

Overall very entertaining and highly recommended for sci-fi and time-travel fans.

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