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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fearing the Biker by Cassie Alexandra Audiobook Review

This series is intoxicating!

Fearing the Biker is the third book in the series and it focuses on the developing relationship between Jessica and Jordan. Jessica is a nurse who was raped by a biker in the very first chapter of the first book. The guilty biker was evil as they come. After that we learn nothing more about her yet we learn quite a bit about the biker who gets his just desserts. In book 3 we get to know her and she isn’t into the biker life at all but when her life is at stake she’s thrust into it and falls for Jordan better known as Judge.

The story flows quick moving from one action filled scene to the next. As a reader or listener I love that because it holds my attention. There are enough details to give a picture of what’s happening without bogging down the story. The author holds nothing back including language and explicit scenes. It’s not for younger readers but for adults and is very entertaining. The story didn’t disappoint.

The only thing that threw me was the switch to a different narrator. From an author’s perspective it makes perfect sense because the story centers around two new individuals as a listener it took me several chapters to get into the new narrator. No complaints, she did a great job.

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