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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Secrets Untold: The Craftfield Series by Brooklyn Shivers Book Review

This was a really fun story. I'd say it's more of an NA mystery/ paranormal.

My Review:
Lily is an only child of a single mother. After years of hard work her mother is able to buy an ice cream shop. Lily goes to college but remains at home helping to run the ice cream shop. Strange things start to happen as Lily has extra vivid dreams.

There far too much going on in the story to write it into this review but what got me was the intrigue. The author brings out the suspense with each event and character. There’s far more going on than meets the eye with suspicious characters such as Lily’s disappearing aunts, questionable police officer and ex-boyfriend just to name a few. The story kept me guessing and was a quick read.

I'm going to add I adore the cover!


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