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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Taming the Thief by CS Patra Audiobook Review

I've listened to quite a few of CS Patra's books now. I can say they are all very different. This one had a ton of potential.

My Review:
Taming the Thief, where do I start? It was a fun story. The premise is Laura is a scientist who saves a gorgeous guy when he attempts to steal a formula from the company she works for. She does this to show her family she has a man to get them off her back and because he’s everything they’d hate. For a woman with that much formal education it doesn’t really make sense. Anyways, they form a close relationship and his reasoning behind thieving is to help take care of his brother who was his sister. He recently had a sex change and is now a man. Their parents didn’t approve. Along with that the younger sister left the parents’ home too. Let me mention the thief has a masters in engineering. My question is why doesn’t he cut his hair and get a real job? Damn he has the education. It would have made more sense if he was arrested in college and nobody would have hired him because of a felony. 

What I enjoyed was the creative, out of the box thinking. What I didn’t enjoy was the repetition and plot holes. The reasoning behind his motives was spelled out in every chapter. As a reader/listener I don’t need that. Once is enough. I prefer a story to move forward from there. This story stalled then progressed at a slow speed which is OK, depending on the listener. For me I have a short attention span and get plots very quickly and need to see progress or I’m bored. This story, although, a wonderful enticing premise stalled too long and my attention diverted.

The narrator Coulter Evans did a great job but I didn’t think a male was appropriate for the job. In this story I think a female voice would be a better choice. However, he did a great job!
It’s a cute story that in my opinion needs a little plot work but entertaining.


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