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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Love is Darkness by Caroline Hanson Audiobook Review

I bought this book as a whispersync deal and am not disappointed. It's a good story.

My Review:

I didn't love this book but I did enjoy it.The main character Val is tied up in the supernatural world as her father is a vampire hunter. As an adult she's in London and comes upon an ancient powerful vampire. Her attraction to him seems to confuse her. One minute she wants him and the next not so much. They are drawn to each other in a situation that can't happen.

Val isn't exactly a normal human either. She's a little something more and I did enjoy her character and think the author did an excellent job building her character.

I enjoyed the supernatural aspect of the story but it was a little more romancey than I like and less suspenseful. It was a great story and lovers of paranormal romance would really enjoy it. I prefer a little more thriller in stories I read.

The author has a fun way with words and uses some great descriptions. Narrator Emily Woo Zeller did a good performance. Her pacing was smooth and characters distinguishable.


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