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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Patchwork People Book 2 by D.B. Martin Audiobook Review

Fantastic thriller series!

Book Review:

Lawrence closed one case but his life hangs in the balance as more and more of his past comes forward. At the same time he learns answers to secrets swept under the rug. My opinion of Lawrence is I don’t so much like him but I do feel for the life he carefully stitched together in an effort to progress and fulfill his career. Sometimes though he’s a bit blind and uncaring. That changes through the progress of this series.

D.B. Martin tightly weaves the plot and while it thickens beware of the twists. That’s my favorite part of the series is I don’t know what to expect. Each puzzle piece is dropped one at a time and they don’t immediately fit. When I think of the name Patchwork to me it relates to not only how “patched” the characters’ lives are but the story is like laying out hundreds of patches and fitting and piecing them together one at a time.

Rob Groves narrates this second book giving the series verbal consistency. Overall his performance is good.

Well done!


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