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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Soul Journey by Miranda Shanklin Audiobook review

Really enjoyed this one!

My Review:

Anissa is a high school student, cheerleader, dating a hot football player, everything's good. Her parents' force her, more or less, to meet the new neighbors. Immediately she's attracted to Chase and feels a closeness to his sister Penelope. Everything in her life gets a little strange after that.

This is the first book by Miranda Shanklin I've read or listened too and I really enjoyed it. She builds believable characters who aren't perfect yet are strong enough to face adversity. I read a lot of YA fantasish books and the plot and concept are one of a kind. The story ends with a nice segway into the next book in the series without leaving it at a dreaded cliffhanger.

A fun read with great pacing!


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