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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Revolt: Godsknife, Book 1 by Timothy C. Ward audiobook review

A carefully crafted nightmare!

My Review:

This story centers around three groups. The Order is driven around order. They carry an Ordan worm inside them that bonds with the individual who then begins to think in terms of order and logic. I admire the authors ability to relate to that order and create individuals who think in terms and use order to define their every move. Chaos is as it sounds. Their world is changing, unordered and crazy. Then there's Maker.

The amount of world building the author did to create this story is phenomenal. One minute the characters are living in the US. The next they are taken into the Abyss becoming nightmarish. The next moment they are back in normalcy and can't exactly remember that only moments earlier they were living a nightmare. 

Action scenes followed action scenes without leaving any dull moments and left me curious what horror would befall the characters next and how were they all entangled in the story. 

The narrator Stephanie Neff had great pacing that mimicked the speed of the story. Author and narrator were a perfect combination for me!


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