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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cut & Run by Traci Hohenstein Audiobook Review

Really fabulous read!


I made the mistake of buying book 3 first so I've never read the first two and I applaud the author because I had no problem keeping up with the story. Rachel owns and runs Florida Omni Search where he assists police in finding missing persons. This is especially important to her after losing her daughter Mallory who was abducted when she was just 3 years old. Rachel chases ghosts and follows leads but none bring her closer to finding her daughter.

In this book Matt is assaulted, hit in the head then his wife is killed and children abducted. Rachel's job is to assist him in finding his children and who did the crime. It's a clever story with a great plot that builds at a steady pace.

The only part of this book that didn't fit or caught me off guard was the narrator had a northern U.S. accent and the story takes place in the southern U.S. It was difficult to imagine them eating boiled peanuts and speaking as if they lived in the north. Otherwise Angela Dawe is a good narrator.

For anyone who loves a good mystery this is a book to read or listen to.


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