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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Ashes: The Rebecca Underhill Trilogy Vol. 2 by Vincent Zandri

Suspenseful, twisted and gory! The kind of story I enjoy.

My Review:

Rebecca Underhill is a single mom who lives with her best friend Robin and Robin's daughter in Rebecca's family home in the country. Both ladies are artists and have used the barn on the property to start art classes to support themselves. When Rebecca's son Michael Jr. starts talking about seeing his deceased father and the man, Mr. Skinner, he keep seeing in the corn field Rebecca takes him to a psychologist. But the story grows weirder when Rebecca starts experiencing strange events. She also talks to her dead husband and dead twin sister in her head.

The events grow eerier throughout the story. Rebecca does a bit of research dragging along her boyfriend and closest neighbor Sam. Even with Sam's urging she refuses to go to the police. She's stalling on purpose, she's scared yet because of past trauma is reluctant. Too reluctant. I really didn't like her but it made a good story that held plenty of suspense and a gruesomely twisted plot.

The story does get gory and is not for those who have weak stomachs. The narrator was good but her voice didn't work for me with this story and made the story less intense.

Overall it was a great story.


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