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Friday, June 16, 2017

Ryker by Rachelle Ayala

It takes a special romance book for me to like it. Usually it requires a twisted plot filled with suspense. In this case it was humor. 

My Review:

Injured, Ryker is out of the Marines and home again. He meets Terri while Panhandling. She offers him a job at her Flower shop and desperate he accepts. Instant flames ignite between them but Terri is a tad insecure. She feels there's too much meat on her bones for a man to take her seriously. The story progresses and they discover it's their own families who have the death vendetta against each other. Ryker joined the Marines to escape the vendetta his family (biker gang) has for the other gang who changed their names for protection.

The story flows quickly without stalling anywhere. The writing is solid and had me rolling in laughter. The banter between Terri and her friends was absolutely hilarious to me. The author really tagged what could be true conversations between women. Terri's private thoughts are just as ridiculous and true. And there are a few other parts that are just silly and light-hearted even through the drama. I enjoyed that. 

I've lived in a military city for two decades, my friends are military or were military and a medical discharge isn't quite what's explained in the book. It depends on the severity of the injury. I can understand the author simplifying it for sake of the story but Ryker panhandling and penniless was too much. He wouldn't be rich by any means with an injury to the thigh but should have some type of monthly compensation. I also wondered about his medical care and therapy. I overthought this part of the story but do think the author could have made this part more realistic.

Chris Abell was fantastic. He really nailed it. I'm not always fond a male narrators, depends on the story. I cringe when they attempt to do female voices but a few men can pull off female voices and he did.

Overall, it's a cute story and had me laughing from one scene to the next.