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Friday, June 30, 2017

Wicked Thing by Kim Cormack

Calling all lovers of paranormal fiction!

My review:

What a wicked thing she is! Lexy the dangerous immortal dragon is slicing and dicing and a bit out of sorts over love interest and handler Grey. The two are in love when he remembers. One of the flaws in a handler/dragon relationship and it has Lexy frustrated. So much so she seeks and enjoys a tryst with well I won't give that away.

Like all the COA books it's filled with suspense and surprise as Lexy and the other Ankh battle demons and Lampir (Vampires) only the Lampir are some type of hybrid. The story is rich in adventure and toe-curling intrigue. The characters are the same, as a reader I enjoy seeing their development through the series. They may be immortal but they change and grow, love interests wane and new ones begin. The world they live in continues to develop and with each book I learn more about it and how it works. It's complex and the world building blows my mind.

This book is for anyone who enjoys a good thriller with a bit of paranormal romance!



  1. This book will have you riveted to the story. You will not want to put it down because you can't wait to readthe next chapter. Exciting and awesome at the same time. Its like you are watching it as Kim has an enormous amount of vivid detail in her books.

  2. You summed it nicely! Kim's books are hard to put down.