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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bestselling Vampire Series!

I woke up this morning and prepped my coffee than staggered half-awake not full of caffeine yet to my computer and got the crazy idea to check my yearly ebook sales. To see which book sold the best this year. It was a weird itch but I entertained it.

What I found was The Monster Upstairs sold more copies digitally than any other book. The week it was released almost as many copies of The Vampires Next Door sold, making this my best selling series. I can't say I was surprised. 

The release of Scarlett wasn't far behind. That impressed me since it was released at the absolute worst time for an indie author -- November.

When I released The Vampires Next Door it sold like wildfire, staying in top rankings for almost 3 months. No it didn't make any list that counts to the public but entered my bestselling hall of fame.

This information tells me I'm in good shape to release the Ghost Within. The first and second drafts of the book are finished. Right now I'm putting on finish touches before I send it to my editor. 

I'm really excited to release this book. I think its my best YA story. Parts of it give me chills and goosebumps. Unlike most people fear doesn't do that to me. It's the ah-ha moments when they realize everything is bigger than they ever imagined and sad moments. Yes, I get goosbumps during sad parts. The movie Pearl Harbor gave me chills from beginning to end.

The Bloodseekers is an epic saga and considering its sales gives me the notion that ending it with a third book won't make readers happy. From the time I wrote the first book I had an itch to write more books, individual stories about side characters and the legend. Now I'm convinced I should. There are so many layers to the story steeped in lore and magic. I could easily write another several novella's related to the series but not part of the series since it ends in March 13th.

It's really not about book sales but readers and making them happy, giving them an epic story they can sink into.

I was side-tracked for a minute. The Bloodseekers also sells best at reader cons. In fact I sold out at every book signing this year but two.

The first book in ebook can be picked up for free and The Ghost Within is on pre-order sale for .99!

The Vampires Next Door (all retailers)
The Monster Upstairs (all retailers)
The Ghost Within (all retailers)

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