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Monday, January 29, 2018

Parallax Book 2 in the Starblind series by D.T. Dyllin

I read this series out of order, starting with book 3 then moing onto Book 1 and now book 2. There's a book 4 coming out sometime in the near future.

My Review:
This story belongs to Tamzae a healer on The Pittsburg. She is kind and has to help others so when the crew rescues healer twins it takes her down memory lane and straight to a man Eron. He is her lover and as a healer more. They are bound together.

The romance is sweet yet filled with controversy. The story flows easy and at times is quite suspenseful. This author has a delightful character building writing style. She put me into the characters roles. I found this one of a more serious tone then the first but its still comical in places.The world building is also amazing.

The narrators style matching well with the flow of the story. All books have the same narrator which I really enjoy in the cirumstance of this series.


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