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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Infected, The Shiners by Tara Ellis

One part apocalyptic, one part adventure and two parts suspense!

My Review:
Alex father was all about astrology. He talked about the huge meteor shower that would be happening before his untimely death. Prepared, sitting a great location Alex, her mom and little brother watch the meteors. Everything is great until the meteors get too close and the earth shakes. They flee to the car when things get bad but things only get worse from there. Her mother is infected with some type of virus that leaves her different and not in a good way. Alex father left her clues and she follows them on an adventure that reveals things aren't as they appear.

The author developed an airtight plot and the story has a smooth flow. The action and suspense builds but never stops until the end. The characters are developed well which makes the story a true investment. I got to know the characters and cringed and loved then couldn't stand some. Alex is consistent and has the best intentions as she plows forward attempting to save her brother and the world.

This is a really fun read!


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Disembodied by Anthony Hains

I have to praise any author who writes such a dark book and done really well. 

My Review:
Griffin is a teen who feels as though he's disconnected from his body. As the story progresses its revealed he was abused by his father, uncle and their creepy pervert friend. It isn't until the end the extent of abuse is revealed and a specific situation. I enjoyed the story and the abuse, although harsh, didn't deter me from reading. 

The story begins first person from the grandfather and quickly switches to third person. In the beginning I enjoyed that but towards the end it slowed the story for me. I get why the author did it but I'm not sure it was the best thing. The suspense was coming toa climax and I was hanging on the words when it stopped and went back to grand dad. Each reader should judge that part for themselves. Otherwise the book moves along smoothly and the suspense builds accordingly.

The narrator does a great job. His tone and flucuation are appropriate for the story. I didn't cringe either when he did the female voices as sometimes I do. It's a dark, dark story and written well. most definitely glad to have the opportunity to listen. Stories this twisted and unfiltered are hard to find. It was hard to press the stop button when arriving at work each day.