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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Soul Freedom: Soul Series Book 4 by Miranda Shanklin

This is a great series; witches, fae, elves, and doors to other worlds!

My opinion:
Anissa the girl with the big heart takes a turn in this segment. She's far more than she ever considered herself and with more power she is the strongest of the group and takes the leadership role. To her it's new but not to those of us who have read the other books. 

What I really enjoyed about this book was how the other realms fit in. It was about acceptance and understanding how different yet how similar we are. I relay this to the world we live in. There are many countries filled with people but truly we aren't much different except customs and languages. I heard that message loud and clear and thought the author did a nice job of relaying the positive.

The narrator again is fabulous, great pacing and a clear voice. I definitely recommend this series to anyone who loves YA paranormal. It's clean yet there is the whole romance between each pair in the group. The main focus is Anissa and Chase.


Reflections: Cathedral Chronicles 2 by E.M.G Wixley

Book 2 is a prequel and is every bit as strange and mysterious as book 1. 

My opinion:

In volume 2 Sophia is watching her niece and nephew who are kidnapped by an evil entity. The story exists between two worlds. It seems they are colliding as the author cleverly brings in new monsters and helpers.Sophia of course has to find them which takes her on the adventure of a lifetime, filled with action. 

Like volume 1 there's many details to listen for. I was on vacation and driving when I started this book and got a bit distracted so I automatically set it back a chapter to relisten. I didn't want to miss anything. The story is fast paced and filled with suspense. It kept me on my toes and that's something I like in a book. I want to think while I'm reading or watching a movie. The world building is phenomenal and is written so well it seems real.

It's a great listen for anyone who loves fantasy, action and adventure. There's even a romance between Sophia and long time friend Adair. It packs a punch!