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Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Sapphirian Agenda by Marcha Fox

Perfect for the drive to work!

My Review:
This is a fairly short sci-fi story. It originated from one of my favorite series the Star Trails Tetralogy. In this story the listener is introduced to another side of Thyron -- a plant who thinks, speaks telepathically and is mobile. I'm a high school biology teacher with a love for anything biology related and the idea of a plant that is smarter than most humans is a riot. I adore his personality too.

He lives on a planet with Sapphirians. A civilization that is carnivorous therefore not iterested in herbs and plants. Sapphirians aren't very clever which leads to Thyron ending up on a space ship with a teenaged girl and robot. The story takes place from Thyron's point of view as a plant, adding rich humor.

Its a quick story and perfect for the ride to work or waiting in doctors office. Its extrememly entertaining and the author does a fantastic job at building the sci-fi world into something completely plausible and sticking to the rules. 

Its perfect for any age and is a nice compliment to the series which I think it can be read or listened to without reading the series first. You may want to read it after though. The narrator adds depth to the book as well with his character voices and synced timing and rcadence.

Sci-fi lovers need to check this one out!


Saturday, August 4, 2018

Who would have thought...

For years now I've had my books on Google Play. The sales were sporatic at best. In fact I think I went a couple years with no sales and stopped adding books. All that has changed.

I can't say for sure why its changed but I'm glad it did. I recently checked my sales and my jaw dropped when for the past few months my sales have been creeping upward. Each month better than the last. I just added five more books.

It could be Google Play did something different or it could be the number of reviews my books are getting. I tend to think the reviews have a lot to do with it since the series with reviews are getting better sales than the ones without.

All but two of my books are listed with Google Play. Click here to see them. The only reason two of them aren't there is I was testing KU through Amazon. Over the next couple months I'll continue checking my sales. If they continue to climb I may just pull my books from KU and make them visible again at all major ebook dealers, including Google Play.

Getting back to reviews. When someone reads a book and reviews it they always leave it on Amazon. That's a given, usually Goodreads too. I suggest if the book is available through Google Books leave it there as well. My sales through Google Play are better so far this month than Kindle. Yes, you heard that right. I can only hope this continues.

It takes people working together to make things happen. Google Play recently made some changes to their app and have a good audio selection which I can listen to right on my phone with an app that comes on the device. No need to download an app and take up valuable storage space. I've made the decision to become a Google Play audio listener. Their prices are good too and no need to join and pay a monthly subscription. 

It could be they're becoming a more popular alternative since any Android device comes with the app. I encourage you to take a look at their selection and read this article comparing Google Play Books with Kindle. Plenty of stuff I didn't know. You might be surprised. Android devices make up around 80% of the market. Of course that's a little different in various countries but however you slice it they dominate. As an Android user both tablet and phone I love the system and have stayed with Androids for several years now.

 Remember to leave those Google Play reviews for your favorite authors published there. You may just make their month!