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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vote Now! Where should I send my royalties?

The Ruthless Storm Trilogy is about Evan O'Conner's as much as it is about his victims. 

Read this then vote -- poll on the right side bar -- for who I send my In the Midst of the Storm royalties to.

In the Midst of the Storm Webpage.

In the first volume Eye of the Storm Eilida's Tragedy the reader meets Eilida, Evan's second victim and reads about the horrors she suffered at his hands.

In volume 2 The Calm Before the Storm Evan's Sins the reader is taken into his mind and world. They meet him up close and personal. This is the toughest of the series to read and takes a strong stomach but there's no other way to write it. Evan is an egotistical psychopath, even so, he was made into what he turned out to be.

Volume 3 In the Midst of the Storm Tommy's Deception the reader gets to know Tommy. Is he really Evan's protege, killer or something far worse and why? The reader also gest to know Eilida on a different level and see how the horror she suffered has followed her even after May 8, 2014. The reader also meets another victim -- one that has been a victim from birth. 

To go even further, reader's have asked many questions about the girls Evan left behind. They want to know what happened to them after. Those secrets will be exposed in the Evan's Girls series. The first book is due next fall and the first 2 chapters are at the end of In the Midst of the Storm.

With all this I decided to donate 100% of In the Midst of the Storm royalties for the entire month of October. That includes ALL pre-orders as I make no royalties on a pre-order until the books official release date.

I plead with you to vote -- poll on the right side bar -- for who I send those royalties to. Both places help victims of crime.

Don't be a slouch, take a vote. It matters. Help me help them.

Please share this post. The more people who are aware the more voting and money I will have to send.

Voting ends September 30th at midnight EDT! Then the winner will be announced with a post for everyone to share.

Chicanery by Barbara Chioffi Book Review

Another set of chilling tales by Barbara Chioffi. Last year she had three in Trickery this year she released eight!

My Review:

Eight chilling tales by author Barbara Chioffi. Each of these stories left me excited to read the next one and a bit sad when I got to the end. It’s a little reminiscent to me of reading Hitchcock or Poe short story collections.

I loved each one but The Basement was my favorite because unfinished basements have always freaked me out. The story is about a young girl who being adventurous and curious finds something outside her house that pushes her toward searching the basement. It’s something I might have done so was easy to relate with.

Another I really enjoyed is The Whisper. The protagonist is a horror book writer and she encounters a clown. No more said. It’s the perfect book for fall with its spooky tales and I’ll be reading it again and again.

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