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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Stormbreaker by Matt Sconce

Grand Adventure!

My Thoughts:
I loved the originality of the story. Mac is a kid who learns he's a Stormbreaker. He's always had a strange mark but never had any idea what it meant. Once he finds out there'sno going back

This story is full of adventure and action. There isn't a dull moment as each word takes the reader closer to the climax. The narration is as good as the story. Excellent story!


Sunday, May 10, 2020

A War of Hearts by Karen Lynn

A dark romanc about the world of obsession!

My thoughts:
Kristen get a life without a man! Dump them!
Seriously, those are my thoughts. Kristen is a weak minded female who feels she needs to some void in her life with a man. It's like she can't function without drama in her life. Unfortunately, there are people just like Kristen.
Kristen is a train wreck. Her husband Logan is a low life who gets his moeny illegally, cheats left and right, and is spiralling in a dark world. Kristen meets Jake and she cheats too. Jake is a decent guy but he has a temper and she barely knows him before moving in with him. Kristen is constantly pulled back into Logan's clutches and I didn't undersatnd why. She's a complete hot mess. I thought she should leave both men and start a life from scratch.
I think the moral of this story is women and men alike get stuck in these horrible relationships and even though they aren't happy and know they are completely wrong stay in them. They're toxic.
The story is well-written.I think the only character I liked was Marty. She's the voice of reason which is probably why I liked her. The plot builds like a multi-car crash on the freeway.

The story is dark and disturbing. The characters are obsessive. This book is for those who can handle the vexing world of obsessive romance.