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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Age/Sex/Location by Denise Kawaii

I have started on my 2015 reading list. A couple months ago I got this book as a prize during a giveaway event with Double Decker Books. I got an autographed copy! Yipee!

My review:

Age/Sex/Location Love is Just a Click Away took me by surprise. The story centers around Jo a new adult who doesn’t have the best parental relationship. She left home young and is independent. Her fiancĂ© breaks the engagement on her birthday. What a jerk! Well, she was better without that loser. She falls into a feel-sorry-for-herself slump, makes bad decisions, and turns to drugs and alcohol. In the midst of her downward spiral she starts talking to Nayman2000 over the course of several months they become friends and her dismal life seems to brighten. 

This was the first of Denise Kawaii’s books I’ve read. In fact, I won an autographed copy. It was the first paperback I’ve read in months and being autographed I carefully turned each page not to damage the precious book. At times that was difficult because I got so into the story. I couldn’t wait to get home from work and read more. The story is a romance, but not in the everything is rosy and bright sense. Jo has a lot of obstacles to overcome; the first I would say is self esteem. The book held a lot of truths that plague us. My heart went out to Jo while at the same time I kept thinking,’What are you doing?’. She isn’t a perfect character, but flawed and marred by humanity, giving her a realistic and loveable quality.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas reads to add to your shelf

The following reviews are Christmas books the whole family will enjoy and love!


The True Meaning of Christmas by Willie B. White is a short read chronicling the meaning of Christmas in an acrostic. The reader discovers the meaning through bible verses attached to each letter of the word Christmas. I found that I read a different letter each day. The short book is an uplifting tribute to what Christmas really means.

Yuletide Tales A Festive Collection is a wonderful collection of traditional and nontraditional holiday stories written by a variety of authors. Each author has a short page and a fantastic story. I loved the variety each author brought to the book. A couple of stories that really stood out to me was Christmas Spirit because it is a story of one good turn deserves another when a family takes in a bum for a night. Giving him a warm place to rest and food in his belly. This story played at my heart strings. Another story I really enjoyed was A Sacred Star. This story has a paranormal Christmas twist to it which really drew in my interest. 

This is an awesome collection of stories to be shared with the entire family.

Collection of 25 days of Christmas Poetry by Jeniann Bowers is a wonderful book of warm holiday cheer. Many of the poems summon Christmas memories of childhood with her use of language. Jeniann is able to use a few simple words to bring forth a sight, sound or smell of holiday memories. In several poems she praises the real reason we have Christmas, love, and how the holiday is not simply about receiving but giving and not only to our loved ones but others as well, especially those in need.

Her words flow easily off the tongue in a rhythmic, playful pattern as one reads each poem. Collection of 25 days of Christmas poetry is the second book of poetry by Jeniann I have read and equally impressive. She has a true talent and gift giving her work a unique spin and quickly making her one of my favorite poets.

I highly recommend this book as its fun, warm, reminiscent and full of holiday joy.

You won't be disappointed :-)