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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hawk Seals of Honor by Dale Mayer

The second installment from best selling author Dale Mayer, author's new series, SEALs of Honor: Hawk is NOW available!

Finding a dead man is a hell of a way to start a holiday.

Growing up, Hawk was always a bit of a wild card. Once he became a SEAL, he found his niche in the world. But the wild man was still there, under wraps …and waiting for a match. Back home for a few days, he realizes a new, darker element has moved in.

And it appears to involve the freckle-faced redhead he never forgot.
Mia remembers her best friend’s brother. After all, what woman could forget him? He was like fireworks lighting up her life. Taking her breath away and making her heart beat faster. But the version that came home was harder, more dangerous ... and sexy as hell.

Good thing he's on their side as the town explodes in violence with Mia caught in the middle.

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Raven Williams Elven-Jumper Audiobook Review

So recently I won an audiobook! I was so excited and chose Elven-Jumper by Raven Williams. I've had the kindle for a while but lacked the opportunity to read it so I listened.

My review:
When humans on Earth start having strange dreams the realm jumpers go to investigate. Humans can’t know Elves and other supernaturals exist so the realm jumpers bring the humans back to their world Paer-Jhysael and give them their options. But waiting and plotting are the dark elves who want control of Paer-Jhysael. This makes for an intense read.

I listened to the audio version but also have the kindle. Richard Coombs does a great job with all the voices. That made the reading easier and I would highly recommend it for anyone listening to the story. The worlds and creatures are fantasy fiction and there is a ton of info for the reader. Being able to scan the kindle made it easier. Either way it was an exciting story.

This is the first book of Raven Williams I’ve read and I wasn’t disappointed. She blew my mind with the creation of the world inside this book. If you enjoy the Hobbit series or the like then check out this series. It’s also great for all ages. I love that since many times I listen to books with my granddaughter.

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