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Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Sapphirian Agenda by Marcha Fox

Perfect for the drive to work!

My Review:
This is a fairly short sci-fi story. It originated from one of my favorite series the Star Trails Tetralogy. In this story the listener is introduced to another side of Thyron -- a plant who thinks, speaks telepathically and is mobile. I'm a high school biology teacher with a love for anything biology related and the idea of a plant that is smarter than most humans is a riot. I adore his personality too.

He lives on a planet with Sapphirians. A civilization that is carnivorous therefore not iterested in herbs and plants. Sapphirians aren't very clever which leads to Thyron ending up on a space ship with a teenaged girl and robot. The story takes place from Thyron's point of view as a plant, adding rich humor.

Its a quick story and perfect for the ride to work or waiting in doctors office. Its extrememly entertaining and the author does a fantastic job at building the sci-fi world into something completely plausible and sticking to the rules. 

Its perfect for any age and is a nice compliment to the series which I think it can be read or listened to without reading the series first. You may want to read it after though. The narrator adds depth to the book as well with his character voices and synced timing and rcadence.

Sci-fi lovers need to check this one out!


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Ancient Enemy by Richard A. Bamberg

So much mystery and suspense!

My Review:
A psychic, a monster, and a mystery!

Gretta and Virgil move into the family house after he is injured. Most of her family lives extremely close. Since she was a kid she's always had "feelings" or an extra sense but when her family starts dying from animal attacks that she see's her ability is ramped up a level. The deaths in her family aren't random but related somehow to a family curse.

What I loved best about this book wasn't the tight writing, plot line, great character building or suspense but that the author did all that and nailed the whole small town life and close knit family thing. It added so much depth to an already amazing story. And I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know more about the family curse and whatever was picking off the family.

A lot of credit goes to the narrator as well. She pulled off accents and further added depth to the characters. This is one you won't want to put down so carve out a long day and listen!