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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Relief Efforts for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

As many of you know I live in north Florida. When Hurricane Irma blew through Florida I was relatively safely tucked away in the western panhandle in Destin Fl.

I didn't see much of the storm there except tropical storm force winds and rain Monday Sept. 11. On our drive to Destin we passed rest stops filled with evacuees and soon the hotel we were in filled with more evacuees from the eastern and western coastal regions and Tampa.

Finding gas was a challenge since so many stations were out but the gas buddy app was a huge help and I was sure at each we stopped at to update whether gas was available or not. Some of my family evacuated and only recently gained electricity again. Other members of my family and friends stayed put and waited it out.

When we returned home Tuesday it was like a ghost town. Gas stations had no power. Saran wrap was around the pumps, few restaurants were open. Those open had lines wrapping the building and into the street. 

In twenty years of living in the Jacksonville area of Florida this is the worst I've seen. The flooding was extensive and helicopters were out in search of survivors, many roads were impassable and so many lost their homes or can't live in them until they're repaired. Houston is just as bad after Hurricane Harvey and their suffering continues.

My heart breaks for these people and I already donated half my earning made in Destin Fl but it's simply not enough so I'm donating all the royalties until 10/14 from the sales of my St. Augustine Novellas, the Bloodseeker series.

I chose this series because it takes place in north Florida. St. Augustine wasn't only affected by Hurricane Irma but also Hurricane Matthew last year. The series cover designer has also decided to donate royalties from her book Winter Thrillz. Together we hope to donate a nice chunk of money to Red Cross for disaster relief.  

The series on Amazon 
The Vampires Next Door Book 1
The Monster Upstairs Book 2

Winter Thrillz (includes page reads as part of KU)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Field of Red by Greg Enslen

The jury's still out on this one.

My Review:
This book had a slower pace. Frank is an ex-cop who specialized in missing children yet he refuses tvbvo assist in a local case when girl's start disappearing. He's an alcoholic who'd rather have his lips to a bottle than help.

I didn't like Frank much. He seemed pretty worthless to me, eventually he helps. I hope that's not a spoiler but I think any reader who starts the story will figure that out on their own.
The mystery in the story was solid and kept me listening. There's sufficient suspense most of the way through.

The plot stalls at times but is easy to follow. It's a decent book and those who love cozy mystery will most likely enjoy the story.


Death by Honeymoon by Jaden Skye

Started slow but got better!

My Review:
The first chapters dragged on and on. They weren't too exciting but there was enough mystery I didn't quit. Glad I didn't the story gets very intriguing.

Cindy marries Clint, the man of her dreams and they honeymoon in Barbados. He turns up dead. For weeks she's depressed and falls in on herself. Her sister comes to visit ad takes care of her until she's injured when the brakes in Cindy's car fail.

After that is where it gets good. Clint's family is horrible and treat Cindy as though she's guilty of something. But more people associated with Clint and his company begin dying which sends Cindy packing and back to Barbados.

Once there the plot thickens and she's in peril yet doesn't back down and the story takes on a faster pace.

All and all an entertaining mystery!


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Prison of the Past is out!

Released Tuesday I'm a bit late in announcing this. My apologies. 

The final book is complete with all the suspense and excitement of the other books. Cleo wraps up loose ends and discovers more about herself in the process and finds a couple accomplices that join her in the final journey.

All the other books in the series are .99 right now!
The entire series on Amazon!

All the books are available at iTunes, Kobo and Nook.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Deadlocked by A.R. Wise

The cover may not look like much but looks can be deceiving. Great story!

My Review:

Another action packed, suspense laden listen. David's an average guy at work when he see's a gruesome sight on the news. Children on a school bus eating other children. Horrified he and his co-workers check out early.There's more backstory given about the break out and illness infecting everyone.

All he wants to do is get home to his wife and girls but the odds are against him. One terrifying moment after the next it seems he will perish. Luck isn't with him and fights tooth and nail. Hes an office guy gone zombie vigilante to get home to his family. As unrealistic as that seems I think under the circumstances most people would find the strength to accomplish heroic acts.

The plot is simple, the story progresses quickly and as a bonus the first couple chapters of the second book are available at the end. Even I cringed throughout this story and I really enjoyed the little things the author thought of and put into this.

Infected Freaks by Jason Borrego

Plenty of science and horror!

My Review:

All kinds of good stuff here! Red Dead plummeted to Earth sending it into chaos and a new civil war has sprouted. Abraham feels somewhat safe isolated with most of his family in the mountains of Colorado. Two of his grown children left and he makes a weekly radio call at a local abandoned place in hopes they'll hear and find him. It's one of those missions that sparks the story.

This author uses a real illness caused by a fungus that infects insects to make zombies out of. Who knows it could happen. I loved the science. The zombies are ruthless and come out at night. The red sky caused by Red Dead feeds them energy in the late hours when they come out of their hiding places.

This is a clever story chalk full of action and suspense. Not a single dull moment as Abraham and company fight off the evil, disgusting zombies as they try and make it back to the mountain home.


Rest Haven by Erik Therme

Spooky young adult thriller!

My Review:

Great story that kept me hooked from start to finish! Kaylee's mom forces her to hang out with a group of other kids. She's more of a homebody and prefers safe activities but that's not on the order for this night. She's invited to a scavenger hunt in a closed retirement home while there she faces all types of horrors.

One of the girls is a real piece of work and they get into an argument the next thing the mean girl is gone and all the others including Kaylee are locked into the retirement. All the doors are boarded and there's no way out. They get separated at various points, chased by a stray dog, a creepy old man and Kaylee finds a boy she tricks into coming with her. It's important to her that she get him out.

Banter between the kids is realistic and so are their ideas and actions making them dimensional. There's enough creepy stuff to make this story a real nail-biter. The story moves quickly. I loved that, one moment to the next the story kept moving and intensifying. I was a little disappointed when it ended.