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Friday, September 1, 2017

Infected Freaks by Jason Borrego

Plenty of science and horror!

My Review:

All kinds of good stuff here! Red Dead plummeted to Earth sending it into chaos and a new civil war has sprouted. Abraham feels somewhat safe isolated with most of his family in the mountains of Colorado. Two of his grown children left and he makes a weekly radio call at a local abandoned place in hopes they'll hear and find him. It's one of those missions that sparks the story.

This author uses a real illness caused by a fungus that infects insects to make zombies out of. Who knows it could happen. I loved the science. The zombies are ruthless and come out at night. The red sky caused by Red Dead feeds them energy in the late hours when they come out of their hiding places.

This is a clever story chalk full of action and suspense. Not a single dull moment as Abraham and company fight off the evil, disgusting zombies as they try and make it back to the mountain home.


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