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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Happy Valentines Day!

 I have a release for you! 

Highschool is Hell:

High School is Hell! Valentine's Day is the worst. Add in the paranormal qualities mixed with teenage hormones and it's amazing anyone makes it to graduation alive-ish.

Join these paranormal teens as they attempt to survive this holiday!

Enemies may become lovers. The shy become bold. Is it destiny or magic? Fate or fatality?

Find out in this limited edition collection.

Woe is Me by USA Today Bestselling Author C.A. King

Best Served Cold by USA Today Bestselling Author DC Gomez

Time Difference by USA Today Bestselling Author Lily Luchesi

Love at Frostbite by Elle Klass 

Huntress by Hannah Conrad

The Darker the Blood by Harper Hawke 

Demons Need Love by MK Mancos 

Vixen by September North 

Love at Frost Bite is a dark YA romance.
Aurora has never been the diamond in anyone’s eye, and she abhors Valentines Day until this year. Finding sweet surprises at her locker she suddenly has a secret admirer. Her sleuthing skills draw her to one possibility, but it can’t be…or can it? 
Tiberius has his eyes on one girl until his heart drops into his chest when he helplessly watches a tragedy unfold before him. As a vampire he has only one choice to save her life and it goes horribly wrong.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

The Land of Lost Souls Cover Reveal!

 Volume 2 of the Realm Walker Series is here!

Volume 2 is up for pre-order at a special price. Grab while it lasts!
Terra and her adorable sidekick Clyde return!
Problems arise and Terra is commissioned by the Tribunal to return to her realm. Their mission is for her to find five commoner candidates from her realm, The Land of Lost Souls, that will be a good fit for the Tribunal. Without hesitation, Terra is more than willing to return home but less than willing to do what the Tribunal asks. She has her own agenda.
What she finds as she learns to navigate her magic skills is more than she can explain. She and her friends easily put together the lies the Tribunal has been feeding them all their lives and the mission becomes one of mystery as they maneuver their way through half-truths.
Worse than the lies, Clyde is kidnapped by a vampire stalker and used as bait to lure her to Drakonia where she faces the vampire Minister M’ra who has special plans for her. Forced to go along with it as Clyde’s life hangs in the balance, more secrets come to light. Secrets that are far more dangerous and enigmatic than being a hybrid.