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Friday, March 24, 2017

Loves Awakes Boxed Set by J.S. Luxor

I first have to say I've read this entire series and just love it!

My Review:

I've read this series from book 1 when a sexually odd Tristan meets a young vibrant Joanna. I've followed them through their ups and downs and each adventure and problem solved to the day they finally marry.

In this last book I really adored the element their twins brought to the story. It showed a whole new side to each character and a great new element to the story. Parenthood looks a whole lot easier than it is but these two find a way through it much as all parents do.

The characters are so real and their situations. That's what really makes this series. Reading the final book was both sad, funny and happy. There story is over but will remain with me.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hopatcong Vision Quest by Steve Lindahl Audiobook Review

Great story, believable characters!

My Review:

In this story two women who live on opposites sides of the same lake are murdered in a similar way. Other than where they live they have little in common. One woman is much older, widowed and has a grown daughter. The other woman is much younger, married and has a 9 year old daughter.

The families of both women over the course of a year grow a close bond as they undergo therapy that takes them into their past lives. Through this process they find they all belong to the same spiritual circle and through sessions undercover the murderer and much more. The last cycle of death was three hundred years ago in a native american village. I love how the author went from the past to the present. Both seemed so real.

This is the second book I've listened to with the author also narrating, overall, he did a very good job, great pacing, even narrator tone and he brought a little more character to the story I think than reading it alone would have.

There's plenty of twists and small details in the story. In order to appreciate them all I will most likely listen to this one again. I absolutely enjoyed it!