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Friday, September 1, 2017

Rest Haven by Erik Therme

Spooky young adult thriller!

My Review:

Great story that kept me hooked from start to finish! Kaylee's mom forces her to hang out with a group of other kids. She's more of a homebody and prefers safe activities but that's not on the order for this night. She's invited to a scavenger hunt in a closed retirement home while there she faces all types of horrors.

One of the girls is a real piece of work and they get into an argument the next thing the mean girl is gone and all the others including Kaylee are locked into the retirement. All the doors are boarded and there's no way out. They get separated at various points, chased by a stray dog, a creepy old man and Kaylee finds a boy she tricks into coming with her. It's important to her that she get him out.

Banter between the kids is realistic and so are their ideas and actions making them dimensional. There's enough creepy stuff to make this story a real nail-biter. The story moves quickly. I loved that, one moment to the next the story kept moving and intensifying. I was a little disappointed when it ended.


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