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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Enlightenment second book in The Children of the Ankh series - review

This series has captured my attention from the start. I love action, paranormal, anything out of the ordinary and Children of the Ankh fits the bill.


Enlightenment is the sequel to Sweet Sleep and picks up where it left off. Kayn is distraught as Kevin has been taken by the Triad, his memory wiped. She ponders their love that had just begin to blossom before the Triad got hold of him. Her life becomes consumed by how much she misses him, but as an Ankh there is no time to mourn. She and two others have to become enlightened. That is where the games begin.

Kayn, Melody, and Zach are sent into the crypt to be enlightened, meaning find their gifts. The crypt is an ever changing world of torture and death. The three along with members of the other clans must fight their way out. There are rules which they must learn to make it out and back to the real world. Throughout their experience death is relative and Cormack’s imagination came up with many interesting ways to die. They hop from one nightmare to the next is a seemly never-ending nightmare.

Enlightenment is a fast paced novel that had me cringing and nail biting. The action is non-stop and the characters jumped off the pages and came to life. The story never halts or slows but plows onward at high-speed culminating in a heck of a climax and opening the door for the next book in the series.

For fantasy/ paranormal/ horror/ action this series is a must!

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