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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Newborn Nazi by Rhoda D'Ettore book review

Newborn Nazi is a book I will never forget. It's a literary masterpiece and Rhoda D'Ettore does a brilliant job bringing the realism of the times into a compelling, eventful story. 

My review

Newborn Nazi take place in the years leading up to and during WW2 in Germany. Young Hedwig’s husband is murdered at the hands of the Nazi’s while they rip her youngest brother from her hands and send him to a Hitler Youth Camp. A distraught Hedwig calls her brother in the U.S. and brother Jacob comes to her rescue and settles her husband’s estate putting the money into an account which she can use to live off.

Hedwig is my kind of woman. She is intelligent, conniving, and driven. She wants revenge for her husband’s murder. Her need for revenge and events put into action before her and her brother’s births takes Hedwig and Jacob on a wild ride through the world of espionage and double agents. Death and intrigue fill the pages of each chapter and left me hungry to find out what twist the story would take next.

The book and characters are fictional yet the story is realistic and compelling. War times are never pretty and Author D’Ettore does an amazing job digging into that world and bringing realities of the times front and center. 

Newborn Nazi is more than a story. It’s a piece of literary artwork.

For those of you who travel or like to give your eyes a rest every so often Newborn Nazi is also available in audio and I hear it's amazing!

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