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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tainted Reality The Rememdium Series Book 2 by Ashley Fontainne Audiobook Review

Loved this one and applaud the author on writing a book 2 in which book 1 doesn't need to be read first.

My Review:
Very enjoyable! Zombies are running wild so a group of people hide out in Walmart. I thought that was hilarious but heck why not? They have access to drugs, clothing, food, bedding – everything. Their utopia is short lived when the government and military get involved. The Walmarters who are seeking a safe place are forced out or die.
As a science nerd I was amused by how the doctor determined what was causing people to become zombies. The explanation was sound enough to be believed yet corny in a sense. Brilliant. There’s plenty action, death and suspense. It was a difficult book for me to put down. I recommend listening to it in one sitting. It’s also fairly short.

Rebecca Roberts does a great job with the narration and performance. All around entertaining. I received this book free from Audiobook Boom for an honest review.

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