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Saturday, September 24, 2016

What We'll Do For Blood by C.L. Mannarino Book Review

What We'll Do For Blood is book 1in The Almost Human Series. It's a fantastic book 1 to draw the reader into CL Mannarino's fictional vampire world.

My Review:
Thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s full of action and suspense. Scott has suspicions about a neighbor a colleague of his father’s. So he sets out to spy on her when his father and mother begin having problems. Creeping beneath Maria’s window he sees his father and her hot and heavy then the unthinkable happens when Maria takes a bite from his neck and drinks his blood. Scott can’t wrap his mind around it.

Overall this is a very engaging story. There was one part that through me. It seemed out of character but it was a small plot glitch and I'm not giving away any spoilers on my blog. This is a wonderfully written, captivating book.

The author kept me interested and reading. Absolutely recommend this book for those who love bloodsucking beasts and suspense.

C.L. Mannarino Website

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