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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lori Beasley Bradley

About the Author: Lori Beasley Bradley was born in 1958 in Benton, IL, a small town in southern Illinois. Her mother was from that area and her father from Alabama. She has a great love for the South and has traveled extensively and studied the histories of most of those states. Her book, The Legend of the Swamp Witch takes place in southern Louisiana one of her favorite destinations. She is currently working on her second novel about a Kentucky girl who finds herself practicing prostitution in the Old West after the Civil War. Book 1 of The Soiled Dove Sagas, The Ruby Queen, was published in February 2015. Book 2, The Queen of the Cow Towns will be available later in 2015. The Soiled Doves Saga: Book 1: The Ruby Queen 41kjTnvItFL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg 
Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. Ranges from MF to Multiple partners scenes. Continuation storyline. In book one of Soiled Dove: The Ruby Queen is the story of young Mattie Wallace, who must make a living on her own in 1870. She meets a woman who shows her a way. Two women from different upbringings become friends in a time when the strength of a person’s will was the only thing that kept them going. Betrayal, heartbreak, and shunned, Mattie works to find her place in a time when men set all the rules. Paperback Amazon Link:  Book 2: The Queen of the Cow Towns Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences 18+. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF

In book two of the Soiled Dove Sagas: Roxie learns that love is not enough to survive the bitter winters in the mountains, when it costs her everything she holds dear. With Mattie’s help, she moves forward, putting her life back together, piece by piece. As times change around them, she and Mattie continue to survive the only way they know how—together. But just as Roxie settles back into her life in the Trade, her past returns, opening wounds she doesn’t know how to close. Losing her heart once almost broke her. Will she be strong enough to keep it from happening again? Or has the path she chose to take in life left her doomed only to have happiness in her reach, then taken away by the callousness others? Join in the journey as two women brought together by circumstances learn to survive in a time when everyday life was a trial even for the fittest. Paperback Amazon Link:  Book 3: Crown Queens
Roxie Edwards travels to Prescott, Arizona, to console her best friend Mattie Kirby after the redhead looses her baby and her husband, Joshua, leaves her. After Joshua sells their house and threatens their jobs with the mining company the woman realize they will have to return to the Trade to survive. Roxie has always dreamed of owning her own Palace, like the one Madam Ophelia owned in St. Louis. With a nearby military post, miners, ranchers, and politicians in the Territorial capitol, what better place than Prescott? The women open The Victoriana, an elite brothel where no expense is spared to entertain their clients. Like their mentor, Madam Ophelia, the women throw picnics and parties for the less fortunate in town. Some on the rowdy Whiskey Row in Prescott are not happy with The Victoriana, however. Threats are made in this final installment of The Soiled Dove Sagas. Buy Link Amazon 

****GIVEAWAY**** Buy any two paperbacks in the Soiled Doves Saga and get the third one signed and for free! US only please, INT will get the ebook. Please sent proof of your purchase and information to C.M. Wright at https://www.facebook.com/cmwright.author

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