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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Queen of the Hill by Genevieve Jack


My Review:
Its always harder for me to continue reviews with books further in the series. This series started out as one I completely enjoyed and still do. The characters are fun, the storyline is suspenseful and the plot is growing deeper.

I hate to give away anything because you need to listen or read yourself but Grateful is given an ultimatum by a witch, her spiritual sister, that she has to give up the graveyard. She can't do that. Logan gets involved with the wrong person and puts Grateful on nonspeaking terms. To top everything off Rick leaves hr at the altar. I've said enough.

I love this series and can't wait to listen to the next book!


Fight Like a Man by L.L. Akers

Excitement, Suspense and Action

My Review:
The story starts out with Grayson being rather passive. He's home alone as his wife and her sisters took a trip to the beach and his daughter is away at college. Its just him and the dog when the electricity goes out. Now he's a bit prepared as he's spent a couple years putting away food and supllies for such an event.

The story follows Grayson, his wife and sisters and daugter as they work to reunite. Each meets aadventures and calamities of their own. Its pretty realistic and exciting all the way. When they get out of one pickle there's another to take its place. 

The characters are three dimensional and the story is nicely put together and flows smoothly.

Excitement, suspense and action filled!


Deadlocked 3 by A.R. Wise

A little bit slower pace but liked the character.

My Review:
This is an action packed zombie thriller. This segment is as angsty as volume 2. That's a good thing. This book follows Billy and introduces some new characters. He's on a search for his mother. Little more is learned about what caused the zombie apocalypse but breadcrumbs are dropped.

The excitement and action true to this series is non stop as Billy goes into the city leaving the family he recently met behind. I hate to give anything away but this is the best in the series yet.


The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde

An absolutely delightful ghost story!

My Review:
A ghost story and so delightfuly unique. The Canterville Ghost has been haunting successfully for hundreds of years and is more than proud of his scares. He even relishes and shares many of them in the story as he ponders why he can't seem to scare the current family. They are completely unscarable. He doesn't give up even after they throw pillows at him and other things. He is determined.

The inability of this ghost to haunt the family is ridiculous. The situations had me rolling in laughter and in some respects feeling bad for this ghost. The story is short and flows at a quick pace.



Mistress of Death

Mistress of Death may be strong language but it's a title that describes my thriller/horror books well. Today I'm celebrating the release of Scarlett, Book 1 in the Evan's Girls series.
The writing that comes easiest to me is dark, demented and terrifying. Scarlett is a girl who under other circumstances might be quite normal. She seeks that balance anyways but life has something else in store for her. She is surrounded by death. It follows her and yes many people die.

At one point in the story she goes to Mystics and Broomsticks a metaphysical store and buys mateials to protect her from malicious spirits. I guess I forgot to mention not only do lots of people die but she see's spirits. She buys a bracelet made with a dark stone. It isn't specified in the book but my research led me to magnetite. 

This doesn't end the drama in her life because it only wards off evil spirits, not evil people and her life is filled with them. Scarlett faces more than her fair share of weirdo's , one after another, while she fights for normalcy. At some point she just accepts the strange and wicked but not after her most terrifying ordeal.

Reading the reviews I'm a proud Mama. There are two points they all agree on. 1. The book is seriously twisted. 2. There are some very high points and really low points. I encourange you to read them. Click here.

The best news is the book will remain .99 for the first few days of its release!
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