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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Who is up for an excerpt from The Ghost Within?

That's right. The Ghost Within releases march 13th so why not an excerpt. In this one Vicky the Seer finds out what it feels like to be a Bloodseeker.
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A kick to her chins smarted and added to the ache in her head. “Get up, take your sword.”
She lifted her head. The woman’s long red hair lay in waves over her chest. A black shawl draped over her shoulders, beneath it a royal blue collar climbed up her neck, the collar just below her chin. A long skirt flared below her waist, stopping where it met her boots. She grabbed the sword and held it in front of the soldier. “If you defeat us you walk away.”
The soldier heard everything. Vicky’s thought melded with his but she had no free will. This was the past and she couldn’t change it. She didn’t think on her own. He didn’t trust them and knew he had no choice. He stood and grabbed the sword from her hand.
The man, a bandana laced around his head falling against his back. A dark braid fell over his shoulder. His tight pants tucked into his boots and a white blouse over his chest. A pirate?
He pulled a sword from his waist. The female moved away as the men circled each other. The soldier raised his sword and jabbed at the pirate who spun and came back with a swing that missed the soldier by a hair, only because he sucked in his gut, anticipating the move.
They pranced around the room, a swing for another, until the soldier pinned the pirate’s shirt to the wall. He leaned in, gritting his teeth. “What do you want, filth?”
The pirate chuckled, then stopped. His face solemn. “You. We want you.” He lunged forward, his shirt ripping. The soldier stepped back and yanked his sword out of the wall and struck the pirate across his abdomen. Dark blood, almost black, poured from his wound, coating what was left of his white shirt. To the soldier’s horror, the stream of blood lessened.
He swung at the pirate over and over, blade marks slashed across his chest, then he plunged his blade into the heart of the pirate. He staggered backwards, dark blood sputtering from his mouth and down his chin. Convinced he’d taken care of the pirate and ready for the woman, he kicked him against the wall and turned on his heel.
Needles exploded into his neck as the woman bit down on him, taking him off guard. He screamed in pain, another mouth sank their teeth into the other side of his neck, then he dropped to the ground. His head spun and everything turned black.
Warm, metallic liquid coated his throat, forcing him to swallow. The soldier’s eyes popped open. His head pushed back, the first thing he spotted was the wooden ceiling. He shifted his eyes. Red liquid poured from a metal chalice the female held above him. With each swallow of the liquid his own memories drifted away until he remembered nothing and only sought the taste of the metallic liquid -- blood.
Vicky stumbled backwards, her body fighting against the terror in her vision. Her hands dropped from the helmet.

“Vicky?” Adrian’s arm was wrapped around her. “We need to go.” Footsteps neared the room.

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Excerpt copyright Books by Elle, Inc./ Elle Klass 2018

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