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Friday, March 16, 2018

My Woes

This is a vent post.

A few weeks ago I started looking for a home to buy but as a teacher I don't make a lot of money. That limits what I can afford so I've been looking in my price range for what offers me what I want and can afford.

This is what I found:
I made an offer on a place with everything I'm looking for and in my rice range. The problem is it is severly overpriced. I made a fair offer that the owners didn't bother to entertain. They want what they're asking and they won't get it. I've been watching the market and as much as people tink its a sellers market -- its not. The ones that sell are priced correctly. That ordeal was a wash.

Back to the drawing board I looked at a couple more places. I liked them both and made an offer on one. The places are both at the top of my price range that I'm qualified for because I'm a teacher and don't make a good living. I offered a fair price and what the place will appraise for. They haven't upgraded anything and have nothing special. Anything extra would be on me. They want more than what I'm topped out to pay and more than the place is worth.

I plead the fifth...

The place has been on the market for a month and a half which is unreal only because its over priced. I offered reality and evidently they don't agree. If they don't accept my offer the place will sit on the market another 45 days until they reduce it again. It needs carpet, paint, baseboards etc. After 90 days they may accept something and will wish they'd accepted my offer. I know I offered a fair deal.

At the end of the day I'm a teacher who isn't valued in today's society and I only make so much money. All that floors me because I teach YOUR CHILDREN. Unfortunately in the US no one has concern for teachers. And all I really want is a bedroom for my three year old grand daughter who has never in her life had her own room.

Is it too much to ask because I chose an unforgiving profession?

I don't forget I'm also an author but the meager money I make from that will do little to buy a home or even make one mortgage payment.

Frustrated! signing off...

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