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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Modified by Kat Stiles


My thoughts:
I absolutely loved this authors style. Written in the first person the listener gets an upclose look at Kate's thoughts which had me rolling in laughter. Its light--hearted fun for adults, especially if you enjoy a paranormal twist. Note there is some profanity, actually lots of profanity.

Kate doesn't have a glamorous life. She works as a temp, doing boring work, has a boss whose sexually harrassing and has little to no social life with the exception of one friend. Then she wakes with a huge throbbing lump on her head, can't remember anything about the previous night and soon finds out she has super powers.

Along with the humor is a touch of mystery and action. And the narrator is awesome. She does the Northern accent well which really adds to the authenticity and humor of the crazy story.


Off-Season by Colleen Thompson

Filled with Chills!

My thoughts:
This story was really good, had me caught on every word. The plot was thourough without any holes, the characters were realistic and there's a lot of twists and turns. 

Christina is a doctor. Her husband recently passed away and so she moves herself and daughter from Texas to her birth town of Seaside Creek New Jersey. Its a small town and she hasn't kept in touch much with her childhood friends. Many years ago as teenagers she and the npw chief of police had a one night thing. Since he married and divorced her teenage best friend.

As soon as she moves in creepy things start happening like voices in her house, her daughter repeating strange things she's heard, home vandalism and a ton of other sordid mayhem. The polt thickens and the mystery grows. This is one for the psychological thriller junkie.


Monday, March 11, 2019

The Homecoming by Alan Russel

This is one I borrowed from Prime. I haven't figured out yet how to send it back now that I've listened but the story was worth the listen.

My Thoughts:
Stella Price vanishes at 7 years old after a family day at the beach then reappears 7 years later. The family goes through a rough time and the mother goes as far as contemplating suicide. The father drowns himself in his job. taking position as an elected official. When Stella reappears their joy is mixed with questions.

The story isn't completely unique but  was enjoyable and fast paced. Everything the family went through was realistic as well as their reactions to having her back. There was suspense, twists, even a bit of conspiracy. The writing is even paced and builds towards the plot. The characters were vibrant and the scene descriptions were developed and not overwhelming.

This story is one not only for sci-fi fans but those who enjoy a good mystery with a touch of conspiracy.


Ever After by Odessa Gillespie Black

Great paranormal!

My Thoughts:

A little romancy but done in taste. Allie comes into an inheritance from someone she's never met. The mansion is all hers if she spends 30 days in it. In that time there is small host of colorful characters including Cole, a dark brooding man. She feels an instant connection to him but his prickly attitude pushes her away. The obvious part was the relationship between them but I really enjoyed how the author developed it.

I was hung on every word which the author so colorfully wrote.  The scenes were vivid and the story was filled with its share of suspense and intrigue.

Molters by C.A. Gleason

Different concept of zombies.

My Thoughts:

This story was different and is a bit sci-fiish. There are references to the molters evolving from something on Earth, although, that is only speculations by the main character, Jonah. He's an ex soldier and when bodies start piling up he takes charge. He's forced to or die. There's a long string of characters in the book and it could almost be divided into two separate books in a series.

The story had a good flow. The narrator matched my thoughts of the main character and it had enough suspense to intrigue me. It also has a fair amount of death. In a situation like Jonah faces death would be unavoidable. I don't normally have problems with character dying anyways but in this case it fits well. There are a few heroic moments for Jonah as he attempts to slay the molters that keep his life on edge.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and would reccomend it to anyone who enjoys zombie/apocalyptic type books and movies.


Madhouse by Miguel Estrada

Great story! Like reading a nightmare.

My Thoughts:
Lucas runs away from his home to teach his parents a lesson. He soon meets a nice but strange lady who takes him home with her and soon he's steeped in her home of horrors. The sick and depraved situations this author thought to write into this story are very creative. I admire the talent and the twist at the end.

This is something of a cautionary tale but not for children to read. The story is a quick listen and flows well with a large helping of suspense at every turn.  I cringed several times and had a hard time pulling myself away until the book ended. The narrator does a great job with pacing and tone. The characters are vibrant, although, not the kind you want to meet.

This is an swesome horror thriller for the reader who craves twists!