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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Beyond the Hidden Sky in audio by Marcha Fox

One of my favorite books now in audio! 

My thoughts:
I loved this story in paperback so when I saw it was an audio I had to listen. It's such a classic story of a teen girl and her family. Creena - the teen girl - after a disagreement with her brother gets onto a small ship within the large transport ship she and her family are traveling on. The small ship is ejected with her, into space. She is a bit of a rebel, a free thinker and doesn't get along well with the ships on board computer. There are a lot of funny moments in the book as well as suspenseful adventure. That begins her journey. Her father sets off after her with her brother but with light travel the way it is they have a job trying to find her.

The adventure includes other planets, aliens, an intelligent plant and forms of artificial intelligence. There's twists in the plot so it's hard to guess exactly what's going to happen next or how the story will end. Author Marcha Fox doesn't simply have a gift for words on paper but she creates a believable world of hard core sci-fi and characters that make the one laugh and cringe. What's a good story without an evil villain?

The added narration of listening vs. reading is the next best thing to this series being put into a movie. T.W. Ashworth does an amazing job with the voices and keeping up with the pacing of the story. I'm ready to listen to book 2 A Dark of Endless Days! This series is like the perfect combination between Star Wars and Lost in Space!


Saturday, May 18, 2019

What is writing to an author?

For this author writing is a means to no end. I started a journey four years ago and began The Bloodseeker St. Augustine Novellas. This idea implanted when, I, after divorce moved into an apartment. My neighbors -- young women -- slept all day and partied all night. I wrote a very rough draft. They got evicted after several calls from angry residents and my life was peaceful again. I picked it back up a few years later, did some research about vampires in St. Augustine then became distracted by the city beneath the city being excavated and began The Bloodseekers.

Innocent teens caught in the middle of a supernatural battle that had been waging for centuries. They came together, didn't always like each other but fell into the rolls they thought were their birthright. Now they learn the truth in the Slayer Chronicles.

I started the chronicles and got through book 1 with a lot of holes and started a rough of book 2 with many thoughts for the rest of the series that keep bouncing in my brain.

Isandro volume 1 of the hidden journals, a Bloodseeker spin off series led into volume 2 Alarico. Upon the urging of my editor I put the chronicles away and have focused my attention on the hidden journals. Alarico is a bloodseeker and the story is his account of something he considers quite spectacular and it is. It is the hole in my Slayer Chronicles, the back story that explains so much. I assume at this point so will all the other hidden journals and it is a matter of piecing and reading between the lines.

As Alarico unfolds a new question is answered. If only there were enough hours in the day and no distractions to finish this story which in an odd way will connect to Isandro but that may not be revealed until the Slayer Chronicles. 

I wish so much to tell the story here but it is far too complex. History always is. As an author it would be really stupid to reveal any spoilers. Read the story you will not be disappointed and remember within the next couple years the entirety of the saga will be revealed. Secrets in history that we never knew, how other supernatural beings came into existence and so so much more!

The Bloodseekers was barely the beginning and I knew that when I started book 3 The Ghost Within. Every part of me wanted to jump into the Slayer Chronicles then but I knew book 3 had to be finished first. Now my brain goes crazy and the story and plot thicken, puzzle pieces come together and what's in store is far more than I and the Slayers ever imagined.

Even more beautiful you can start this journey for free!
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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Twisted Magic 1: Twisted Books 1-11 by Jo Ho

This is the first boxed set I've listened to. 29 hours of witches! It was great but I'd love to do it again, one book a day.

My thoughts:
The pros and cons of listening to his entire book. The story is great so I hate for it to end but on the other extreme it didn't happen in one sitting but a few chapters each day. Most likely I will listen again, one book at a time.The characters are real and a bit quirky. The writing is great. Between the authors words and the narrators performance it kept me listening and curious. 

The story surrounds four college girls, none who know anything about magic. They're all very different coming from different walks of life. It turns out they are witches, powerful witches. The story follows their journey as they understand and take on their powers and fight a powerful enemy.

This is very much a character driven story. The author never lost me once switching from one girl to the next. For anyone who enjoys urban fantasy this is a great book.