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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Beyond the Hidden Sky in audio by Marcha Fox

One of my favorite books now in audio! 

My thoughts:
I loved this story in paperback so when I saw it was an audio I had to listen. It's such a classic story of a teen girl and her family. Creena - the teen girl - after a disagreement with her brother gets onto a small ship within the large transport ship she and her family are traveling on. The small ship is ejected with her, into space. She is a bit of a rebel, a free thinker and doesn't get along well with the ships on board computer. There are a lot of funny moments in the book as well as suspenseful adventure. That begins her journey. Her father sets off after her with her brother but with light travel the way it is they have a job trying to find her.

The adventure includes other planets, aliens, an intelligent plant and forms of artificial intelligence. There's twists in the plot so it's hard to guess exactly what's going to happen next or how the story will end. Author Marcha Fox doesn't simply have a gift for words on paper but she creates a believable world of hard core sci-fi and characters that make the one laugh and cringe. What's a good story without an evil villain?

The added narration of listening vs. reading is the next best thing to this series being put into a movie. T.W. Ashworth does an amazing job with the voices and keeping up with the pacing of the story. I'm ready to listen to book 2 A Dark of Endless Days! This series is like the perfect combination between Star Wars and Lost in Space!


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