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Monday, November 9, 2020

Soul Discover Book 5 by Miranda Shanklin

I have reached thee end of another great series! 


My thoughts:
In the final book Anissa and gang are now in charge of the realms so to speak. They find they must find a way to make peace between them. It's not an easy job especially with so many hybrids and malevolent forces.The fairies and trolls aren't so pleased.
I'm so proud of how much they've grown up and how ready they are to tackle new problems. Chase's feathers are a bit ruffled because he feels the need to keep Anissa safe as if she can't do it herself. I laughed a bit. So typical of men.
It's a great final story to the series, although a bit sad it ended. Soul Discovery doesn't lack the excitement of the other books in the series and the magic. Yes, I love the magic! Anissa has become pretty creative and crafty with it.
I definitely recommend to anyone, teenage and up who loves paranormal romance and magic!

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