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It's about time I make this page. I don't normally take requests but if you must I enjoy fantasy, horror, suspense, psychological thrillers and mystery. Every once in a while a good erotica but seldom romance unless it contains the above elements and will keep me entertained. Overall, I find pure romance lacking of anything that makes me want to turn to the next page.

I also prefer audiobooks and will choose audio over any other format mostly because it works with my lifestyle and I can easily multitask while listening. I also love how a good narrator makes the story alive.

When I do accept a book for review, needless to say I'm honest but I will also let you know not to expect a review in a short time frame. It may take me weeks because I work about 16 hours a day between my business and my job.

For me reading/listening is for fun so mostly what I post is books I've chosen from newsletters I subscribe too, authors I love or books that just sound amazing.

If interested contact me through the email contact.

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