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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Big Birthday Adventure

Today was interesting to say the least. Adventure from beginning to finish. I started out at Haight-Ashbury where hippies continue to hang out in smaller numbers and smoke pot freely and openly but I 'm sure it's medicinal, and ended up at bar local near hotel.

Stop one was Trax Bar in Haight- Ashbury. They sell $3 margatita's and the bartender was really cool. The gentleman whom I sat next to was a thirty five year veteran to the city. He gave me directions to get to Castro street, my next stop. He said take the 24 bus which I did and it went all of a few blocks. In S.F. the blocks are short, I could have easily walked it.

Stop two was 440 Castro. It was a gay bar, again the bartender was great. They also sell $3 margarita's. I sat by a cute couple who were extremely friendly. I won't publish their names but they were fantastic. After they left another gentleman sat down beside me. After maybe ten minutes he informed me that I was in a gay bar. I had already figured that out the moment I walked in the door, I stifled a chuckle.  The best place for a woman alone in S.F., who doesn't want to get hit on, is a gay bar. They had no interest in me except menial conversation.

Stop three Elixer another awesome place. The bartender gave me directions to Taqueria where they make huge delicious burrito's for $6.80. It was so monstrous I was only able to eat half then.

Stop four was a latin bar not far from Taqueria. It was packed and everyone there but me was latin and the only other females were the bartenders. I talked a little with man next to me who was from somewhere in Central America. He asked if I wanted to go home with him. What, really? I politely declined. I guess since I was a woman amongst a flood of men he thought I was there looking for a man.

This is where it gets interesting. It was getting late and I was ready to get back to hotel so I called the shuttle and he refused to pick me up, saying he doesn't go there. Huh? I was on the corner if Capp and 16th, odd is what I thought. My choices were an overpriced cab or BART was across the street. I chose BART and slipped in and bought a ticket. I haven't rode a BART train in decades and was pleasantly surprised how clean it was. I remember the stations and trains to be extremely nasty. The train took me to the airport where I snuck onto the shuttle heading back to the hotel.

Last stop was Houlihans across the street from my hotel where I watched the end of the game.
Seattle won, yuck!

That was my big birthday adventure.

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